Battlefield 3: Your Best tips and strategies for newcomers?

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2011

As part of Battlefield 3 fever this week, we recently asked you to list your best weapons and equipment setup for Battlefield 3, which launched on Tuesday in the US. After having spent a bit of time with the game already, we’re want to know what your most successful strategy is so far.

The best thing about Battlefield 3 in comparison to Modern Warfare 3 for example, is the depth of gameplay that Battlefield 3 brings, as it allows for much more tactical battles, both on the ground or in the air of course which in turn helps immerse the player into the game more.

If you have played the game already, we’re guessing that most of you have already decided on one kit in particular to level up, whether that would be Assault, Engineer, Support or Recon. The recon class is going to be very popular you can imagine since it gives players the ability to sniper, but choosing an Engineer for example will give you access to anti-tank equipment, and the very useful skill of fixing vehicles which is essential during gameplay.

Depending on which kit you have chose, we want to know what strategies you are using so far, and how successful they are. Are you the type of player to just go straight into the frontline and rack up kills, or do you just prefer to sit back as a recon and pick off enemies, while providing mobile spawn points and those handy little motion sensors that detect nearby enemies?

I’ve spent some time with the game myself, and so far I find myself trying to level up the recon class to gain access to some of those beastly sniper rifles. The SVD and the MK11 MOD 0 rifles do not seem too effective, as they usually require more than one hit to kill an enemy. Once you blast them once of course they have already run away to heal themselves which is pretty frustrating. Instead I find it more rewarding to level up recon using the shotgun weapons as combining these with the mobile respawn point is proving to be a great way of racking up kills and XP and the beauty of this, is that it all adds to your total recon score.

What is your best strategy for Battlefield 3 so far and how many kills per game are you averaging? Don’t forget that the game is just releasing today in Europe so your tips are going to come in very useful for newcomers.

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  • Higgins 2013

    i find that the m416 with a 8xRifle scope is the best so far

  • nice!

  • gmafz7

    Once I have it I’ll try the same as the beta, I used Recon with SVD and MK11, and even though it was no One-Shot-Kill I managed to stay on the top 5 in Rush! My biggest personal record was 58 kills using solely sniper! I’m just an average FPS player and that´s the most kills I’ve gotten using sniper on any FPS game ever!