Battlefield 3 UK deals, HMV trade-in gets you BF3 for £2.99

By Jamie Pert - Oct 28, 2011

Earlier today we told our UK readers the cheapest ways that they could get hold of Battlefield 3, some of you may have already picked up your copy of the game as some stores were open for a midnight release, however if you are still looking to get hold of BF3 we have a great deal to tell you about.

If you head over to your local HMV store you can get BF3 for just £2.99 if you trade-in either Batman: Arkham City or Forza 4, which means that HMV value your trade-in at roughly £36 – the price without the trade-in for consoles is £38.91, the deal is not available for the PC version of the game (indecently this retails at £34.99).

Both Forza 4 and Arkham City have only been out for roughly two weeks, which is why HMV knocks off such a high amount for trade-ins, we don’t really see many people taking advantage of the deal as both Forza and Batman received great reviews and have plenty of challenges etc to keep you busy for months on end – but what do we know?

Retailers will probably take other games in as part-payments, but we very much doubt that they will offer you a lot for any games which are over a month old, if you think you snapped up a bargain feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

If you check out Twitter you will see that lots of people are, or were, queuing for Battlefield 3, let’s just hope the servers are ready for the demand!

Did you queue for BF3 tonight? Was it busy?

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