PC Battlefield 3: Would you like more than 64 players support?

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2011

If you are currently having a blast on 64-player maps on the PC version of Battlefield 3 but hoped that more players were supported, we have some important news for you. DICE believe that adding more player support would make the game ‘less fun’.

As most of you are well aware, DICE too no doubt, the PC servers were hacked during the beta testing to allow a lot more than 64 players, in some cases there were even servers that allowed a whopping 250 players to enter believe it or not.

The chances of this happening officially though are pretty slim, as producer for the game Patrick Bach has stated that if the team were to implement this, it would make the overall experience of Battlefield 3 less fun, as you can see from his comments below, as reported from PC Gamer.

“64 players is kind of the maximum where it’s still fun and you can still control the Battlefield. It’s like I can understand where I got shot from and why. Games are about having fun, it’s not about doing the most you can do. If we can jump two meters it must be better to jump four meters. No.”

We’re sorry to dash your hopes if you did want to see 100+ players in the PC version, but we have to agree with Bach on this one. 64 players is still a hell of a lot of players if you think about it, and if DICE did add support for more, it would become pretty difficult to gain control of your surroundings in-game as DICE suggest, as it would just become utter chaos.

Adding more than 64 players would also put strains on your PC hardware, and it would cause DICE to alter their already high minimum settings for the game – which the average gamer running on standard hardware doesn’t want to see. Having said that, the PC version is prone to hacking and we can predict in the future that someone will go and enable 64+ player support for the game anyway.

What are your thoughts on this debate? After having the opportunity to participate in 64 player battles this week, do you think the PC version needs a higher player count or not? On a side note, click here if you’re having problems with Battlelog.

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  • Dynasty2021

    64 players is definitely controllable.  Still fun, but yeah, any more and it’s far too much chaos.

    It’s chaotic at best now anyway, ESPECIALLY on Firestorm.  The warehouses have so many windows and levels, it’s almost impossible to run around outside them without getting nailed.

  • Mickelinoo

    Group of 6 players (like bf2). 64 tot is good.