Nintendo Wii U release date to come after E3 2012 as losses mount

By Gary Johnson - Oct 27, 2011

The last few months have been tough for Nintendo as it has seen sales of its Wii console drop off, as well as a slow take up of its new 3DS handheld console. The company is working hard to try and improve things though with price cuts and new hardware being released. We can now tell you that the Nintendo Wii U release date is to come after E3 2012 as losses mount for the company.

The company reported today that it would post its first ever annual net loss for this financial year. According to Reuters a strengthening Yen and low software sales had a big part in these losses. The company is coming under increased pressure from smartphones and tablets as gamers choose these platforms to play games on the move.

Nintendo expects an annual net loss of twenty billion yen, which will be the first in the company’s history. It also dropped its full year operating profit forecast to only 1 billion Yen, down from 35 billion. Since the company dropped the price of the 3DS sales increased, and a new line up of titles for the device is also hoped to boost sales.

The company will be pinning its hopes on its next generation of home console to replace the aging Wii, and has revealed it will show the Nintendo Wii U in its final form at the E3 event in the US in June. The device will then be launched after that, and the unit was first revealed at this year’s E3 with mixed reactions to it.

Do you think the Wii U will save Nintendo’s bacon?

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  • im glad to know that is has HD, even more glad it has 3d (if you dont like it dont use it)
    i like that all my old wii games and wii controllers well carry over, i LOVE the new controller and have bin waiting for something like that for YEARS. 

    but i needs work and it needs it done right, the controller needs, muliti touch, needs OLED screen, NEEDS digitizer pen, along with every thing elce it has. 
    the system and controller need to look less rounded and white. it makes the system look more for kids. it can still be glossy, but it needs to be black, it needs triggers not pads. it needs chrome trim. it also needs a shape it can call its own that wont remind people of the xbox or ps3, and well need to push what a next gen system should look like. and to be on the safe side it NEEDS lots of free ware from day one, and also needs to (and the can be later on) cloud gaming. if the system can do cloud gaming then it can take on-live the next system well need to do this as well. on-live is not a big deal NOW, but one day it well be and something like just adding cloud gaming by system update means that the system can stay in your home longer

    • Isaiah Fuller

      Because the controller isn’t already expensive enough……
      Don’t make it a full tablet, it will make the controller price tie the WiiU’s. We don’t need that.

  • Togekiss

    I can’t believe nintendo is going hd… I mean, FINALLY. well, I hope they know how to use the new engine to fully improve mario and zelda’s graphics (I can’t even imagine a mario game with those graphics…)

  • The 3ds looks like a relic from the old times of gaming. my phone has a dual core cpu and 1 gb ram…

    • Paul Letts

      And it’s all about the specs? You Moron….Gameboy beat Lynx, Gamegear, PC engine handheld, DS Beat PSP. Its about the GAMES you div

    • Shadownin

      Your phone isn’t worthy to play games.