New Galaxy Nexus release date, but shocking price at Amazon

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2011

We are still no closer to finding out official release date and pricing information for the highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus superphone, but we are still hearing about rumored pricing and other bits of unofficial information outside of Google’s grasp.

One such piece of information has come courtesy of Amazon, as they have now revealed their release date and pricing information for the device over at their UK website, as reported from Phandroid. According to them, the Galaxy Nexus will be shipping as soon as November 2nd (next Friday!), but the price they have slapped on the handset, off-contract is nothing short of mind-blowing – mind blowingly bad that is.

If you visit their listing, you’ll see that they have put a whopping £730.15 price tag on the device, which relates to the 16GB version of the device, SIM-free. If you remember back last week, we told you that another UK retailer had also priced the Galaxy Nexus as well. We thought that their £514.80 price was pretty high at the time, but Amazon’s price takes high prices to a whole new level.

We’re hoping that this is just a database error on Amazon’s part, and we’ll soon see the price reduced to a much more reasonable offer. Don’t read too much into this, but for comparison purposes, that £730.15 relates to $1166 USD – who in their right mind would pay such an amount for a smartphone? In reality, we expect to see the Galaxy Nexus priced around the $600 mark off contract, which would seem a lot more reasonable than $700 which would instantly put the handset off limits to the price-conscious consumer.

As far as we’re aware though, this is the first time we’ve seen a release date other than November 10 being waved around, so it’s obviously great news if consumers can expect to see the Galaxy Nexus arrive sooner. What are your thoughts on the price estimates being waved around for the smartphone at the moment? What price would be ideal for you, either on contract or off?

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  • They would have to pay me 700 to use their android handsets lol.. My year old 1ghz single core WP7.5 phone is faster and smoother running than any top end android phone, as well as secure and far less buggy. It performs just as well as my iphone4s which totally outbenches this and the galaxy 2.

    • Anonymous

      If you say so… “professor”…

    • Guest

      My Palm Treo ran really smoothly with a 300MHz single core processor.  I mean, it didn’t have GPS or internet access and the e-mail was through a proprietary system that didn’t work with many accounts.  Oh, and it had an awful 1.3MP Camera.  And then of course, I had to plug it in to my computer to sync my contacts with Outlook.  Well, and it could only hold about 30 pictures.  Then I supposed after a few months the physical buttons got noisy.  And naturally, it stuck out like a brick in my pocket; a brick with an awkward antenna sticking out.  That was also well before you could download apps to expand the functionality of the device.  But by god if it didn’t run smoothly.