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Infographic: iOS 5 vs iOS 4: fastest for mobile browsing?

There has been a lot of whispers about iOS 5 being significantly faster overall than iOS 4 in terms of browsing speed and performance, but we have the results of a recent study to share with you now which may give you more of an insight into the claims.

New Relic are specialists in managing the performance of Web-based applications, and they have just completed their testing of both iOS 5 and iOS 4 in a direct battle on which software performs faster in terms of mobile browsing.

As you would expect, iOS 5 is significantly faster than iOS 4, as their results claimed that the average time spent loading up apps on iOS 5 was just 4.1 seconds, compared to the same test on iOS 4 which took 9.1 seconds. It’s worth pointing out though that iOS 5 was running Safari 5.1, while iOS 4 was running version 5.0 of the software.

Another test was conducted to see how fast websites loaded up on iOS 5 and iOS 4 when hitting the load button at the exact same time. Again unsurprisingly, iOS 5 came out on top with a speed of just 1.88 seconds, while iOS 4 was significantly lower taking 6.34 seconds to load.

One vital piece of information that wasn’t included in New Relic’s test though, was the fact of what devices were used during the testing. By this we mean if it was an two iPhone 4 devices running iOS 4 and iOS 5, or one iPhone 4 running iOS 4 Vs one iPhone 4S running iOS 5. If it is the latter, then you obviously expect results to favor the 4S by a clear margain.

Either way, iOS is the better option of the two thanks to the wealth of new features that are available compared to iOS 4. We’re guessing that most of you have already upgraded to iOS 5, but there still may be a few who are still on iOS 4 out of pure laziness. If so – connect your iPhone device to iTunes and get downloading straight away.

What are your thoughts on the results – not really surprising is it?



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