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Exclusive Verizon Galaxy Nexus, AT&T and Sprint jealousy

If you were previously clinging on to the hope that the highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus handset would be arriving on another US carrier aside from Verizon, it looks like those hopes are going to be dashed unfortunately.

Verizon has just gone live with sign-up pages for Google and Samsung’s new toy and there for every to see on Verizon’s website is the words ‘exclusively from Verizon’ – probably the final nail in the coffin as far as Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile users are concerned.

Considering that neither Google or Samsung mentioned anything at the Galaxy Nexus unveil event in Hong Kong, it gave real hope to consumers that the device would at least be featured on another carrier, such as AT&T for example, especially since the device comes with LTE and HSPA+ support.

It doesn’t rule it out forever of course, but for now Verizon is the only place you’ll be able to get your hands on the shiny Galaxy Nexus. The iPhone 4S now will serve as comfort material for AT&T and Sprint users, but Verizon seems to be running the show at the moment with good reason.

Big Red also has the very impressive Motorola Droid RAZR on the way as another Verizon exclusive, and both handsets are easily the two most desired Android handsets on the planet at the moment.

If you are a Sprint, AT&T or even T-Mobile customer reading this, do you feel it is now time to seriously consider your future options in terms of deciding whether to upgrade your current contract or drop everything and move to Verizon since they have all the new swag? Current Verizon customers will be basking in a moment of self indulgence of course, knowing that they have a decision to weigh up between the Galaxy Nexus or Droid RAZR – with both handsets obviously the cream of the crop right now.

Are you surprised that the Galaxy Nexus is exclusive to Verizon now after the somewhat silent carrier talk after the big unveil?



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