Confusion over Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 release

By Gary Johnson - Oct 27, 2011

Since the new Nokia Lumia handsets were announced yesterday carriers have started revealing pricing details, with some even giving away free games consoles. Now there has been some confusion over the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 release as they appeared on Nokia’s USA website in the country.

Despite appearing on the Nokia website in the country the company has said it has no plans to launch the devices there. According to SlashGear Nokia said it plans to launch a completely different range of Windows Phone devices in the US market, which are believed to be coming early next year.

The cheaper of the two handsets announced yesterday the Lumia 710, showed its face on the Nokia USA site, and even had the phrase “Designed for you” with the image. While some consumers may have thought it was a release teaser for the handset, Nokia put it down to a site change error.

The company said it meant to give US consumers an image of both devices, and it would just be an idea what they can expect. It is expected that the image for the Lumia 800 will still go live sometime today though.

Consumers in the US will have to sit tight and wait until early 2012, but they could be seeing handsets with LTE technology. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said the company was looking at 4G connectivity for the US carriers. There will be many consumers in the country who might consider any new Nokia handsets that become available next year, as it will give them even more choice especially if they are LTE compatible.

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