Call of Duty Elite: Do features make Battlelog second best?

By Chris Cook - Oct 27, 2011

FPS fans prepare to be excited as Activision has released three videos featuring the new Call of Duty Elite online platforms service with a breakdown of each of the three core pillars the service has to offer; Compete, Improve and Connect. The videos give us a behind the scenes preview of what you can expect including details of each section of the service.

The Elite service lets gamers experience a more social aspect of playing as we explained in a previous article. Very similar to EA’s Battlelog for Battlefield 3. To access this content, the annual Elite premium membership will need to be subscribed to. It costs $49.99 or £34.99; this will get access to all the content including Modern Warfare 3 DLC. There is also a free section of the service which will still allow gamers access to iOS, Android and console apps, HD video sharing, community features, class customization and stats.

The video we have embedded below explains the CoD: Elite Compete platform. According to one of the gamers being interviewed in the video the most exciting feature about the platform is there are real world prizes up for grabs, which we agree is certainly a thrilling feature. Other than that, Compete is pretty self-explanatory, gamers go up against one another to establish who is the best or the Elite. Check out the footage below for more details.

The Improve platform gives us a detailed breakdown of all that is Modern Warfare 3, from the different gameplay modes to maps and weapons. The details are viewed in both video and text, making it the ‘ultimate strategy guide’ ideal for those that are new to the franchise. Elite developer Beachhead believes ‘even the most hardened CoD players will find something new to improve their game.’

For full details on the Improve and Connect platforms head on over to CVG where they have videos explaining them in detail. What do you think of the Elite service? Will you be subscribing to it?

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  • Raskilinov

    Dynasty is very true in what he writes, DICE and amateur sites have been doing this sort of stuff for years – and for free, no less.

    If we remove the common factor of game stats, what are we left with?
    If anything (as cynical as it sounds) this may be a stealthy method of tying in gamers to purchase the DLC for MW3.

  • Dynasty2021

    CoD elite does what Battlefield has been doing for a few years now, but DICE did it for free.

    Battlelog does more than elite, shows more and is better looking.

  • hyper_boy_4life

    there is one main reason im not getting this, hackers changing there stats whats the point if they are goin to cheat

  • Zazyt

    They are just adding something Halo had for a while, but making us pay for it and giving us maps. Bungie did and will still do a way better job with all this!