Battlefield 3 Battlelog login problems – Quick fix

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2011

We understand that many Battlefield 3 gamers are getting frustrated at the fact that Battlelog is continuing to issue a ‘Your account is not allowed to login’ error message. We have experienced these problems as well, but we do offer one tip if you are yet to try it.

We are hearing some reports that you can only enter the Battlelog if you pre-ordered your copy of Battlefield 3 through EA’s Origin store online. We can tell you straight up that this isn’t the case, as Battlelog should work with any copy of the game theoretically, as long as you have an EA account.

Setting up an EA account isn’t hard to do at all, and you probably already have your login somewhere if you played Battlefield Bad Company 2. Anyway, to all those that are getting the ‘Your account is not allowed to login’ error, have you actually played a few rounds on the game yet, or did you just try to login to Battlelog straight away?

We were getting those error messages too, but after a few rounds, we found that we could login to Battlelog with no problems, both on the computer and in-game as well since EA sync Battlelog up with your account automatically. At the moment my Battlefeed in-game is empty since I have yet to add any friends to the game, but once you do add people, you’ll see that you can start to track their progress in the game and quickly jump into games with them.

As for the computer interface, you’ll see something like this once you are logged in. This screenshot was taken on the PS3 version of the game – but since I wasn’t on the PC version, I couldn’t use the useful instant join game feature on Battlelog which was a shame, but you can see all activity that is going on, monitor your unlocks, find out what weapon you are getting next and so on.

It’s a great feature actually, as checking out Battlelog online saves up time whilst in-game so you can actually just concentrate on playing and leveling up, then check out your detailed stats on Battlelog the next time you are on your computer.

If you are having problems with logging in to Battlelog, try playing a few rounds first and then log in and see what happens. If you are still having problems, share your issues with us below. Don’t forget to list your favorite BF3 loadout here!

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  • RavenAvenger0491

    Well, it is currently December 28th, 2012, and I’ve been frustrated with Battlelog for a month or two now. And don’t say, “did you play a few games yet?” because I’ve been playing Battlefield 3 since it came out. I also have Medal of Honor Warfighter and have been playing it just as much. My EA account has also been up since I got Battlefield Bad Company 2. My problem is that I don’t get the “error your password or e-mail is incorrect” message when logging in; my log-in info is correct, but I can never officially log in to Battlelog.

  • abdel

    I have played bf3 in a long time I am 50 colonel service star I preordered the game and still can’t enter battlog

    • abdel

      I am on PS3

  • Kennykiller81

    I have BF3 and now battlelog says buy the game

    • + $WiiFT +

      im having the same problem

  • Maamar_1996

    i can’t connect Buy Bf3 …… HELPP!!!

  • gamefan

    have played 2 times after that i still could not login to battlelog and i can’t play it at al 
    please someone help it’s frustating

  • Leebeech

    I cant play a few rounds as I cannot get into the game it bombs out when logging in since I had to change my password!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ritche Ramirez

    i cannot login to origin what happen? helpp!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Markevster

    I try to login but I get a message that I need to buy bf3 to activate I have the game?

  • EvilDeath2012

    I did that a it still will not let me in

  • Patrick2mil

    I tried to activate my On Line pass but aperas a message “the code is not right or not valid any more”.
    Do you have a master coda?


  • torro

    evry time I log in on my pc a thing cums up saing welcome solider wen I try to get it off it just stase ther 

    • Meh


    • Meh


  • Chicogargola

    i had to send my xbox to repair to microsoft and now i cant play bf3 because is asking me for my online pass code and i re-entered it and it tells me thats the code is being use on another account…..please helpp…!!!!!!

  • Misak72

     When i want play Battlefield i m must been logged on Battlelog? when i want Log on to Battlelog (using Origin Email and Password)Its say Wrong Password or Email.. 🙁 PLz Help me! I Want play BF3

    • Meh

      want to, do i have to be looged on…?, want to, it says

  • Fengh71

    listen… i havent been able to play the game at all,,,, because every time i try to launch it it requires me to log in on battlelog……..and when the password and email aint workin! what to do then? i play on pc.

  • EA-go-learn-2-HTML

    Website is slow. Crashes at the backend with 404s and error pages. Tells nothing about what to do to make battle log work. Log in page has no create account button (lol you idiots). Nothing tells us what a persona is for and no big neon button to make one. Nothing tells us what the procedure is to activate battle log. Ok EA you can keep your battle log;. And your so pathetically amateur website. Nobody wants to call some useless support line just to view stats. Its 2012 and this is unacceptable.

  • EA-go-learn-2-HTML

    Website is slow. Crashes at the backend with 404s and error pages. Tells nothing about what to do to make battle log work. Log in page has no create account button (lol you idiots). Nothing tells us what a persona is for and no big neon button to make one. Nothing tells us what the procedure is to activate battle log. Ok EA you can keep your battle log;. And your so pathetically amateur website. Nobody wants to call some useless support line just to view stats. Its 2012 and this is unacceptable.

    • Lhernandez1783

      amen to that! Who’s working on this batttlelog site? 3 year olds?

  • Jgusarmy051

    ive been playing battlefield 3 for a while im a rank 44 and when i try to log in…yea no go. the message ” you need to buy battlefield 3 in order to use battle log” comes up and im like ??. so yea any useful information would gladly be appreciated. thanks 

  • Jgusarmy051

    ive been playing battlefield 3 for a while im a rank 44 and when i try to log in…yea no go. the message ” you need to buy battlefield 3 in order to use battle log” comes up and im like ??. so yea any useful information would gladly be appreciated. thanks 

    • Garkeinzweck999

      if u have a solution please write me!   (

      • Meh

        “me”~ there, i wrote it. do you mean “write to me?”

  • Cgonzalez105

    lvl 30 try battlelog still saying to buy game anyone know how to fix this its my first battlefield game

    • Bksage

      same thing happened to me

  • Nevnuffsaid

    EA, Origin, and or DICE, One of you need to send a team to fix this ASAP. I dont care about how many different problems there are. Yes, Battlefield 3 is a hit, but advertising a great idea that hypes many people who play battlefield 3, and doesn’t work!!!!….. is causing alot of shaking heads. I am having problems myself, and am starting to realize what a waste of time this is considering how no one is putting the word out on what you are doing to fix this. BF3 players WANT ANSWERS! so great video on your ‘battlelog trailer’, when you will not even let everyone experience it! BAM.

  • Edgecr09

    Update: got on BF3. Clicked right on dpad for battlefeed. Said that my account was not verified. I then went to the My Soldier section and it told me alot of stuff about battlelog and ea origin. I then tried signing into the battlelog on PC and it worked perfectly.

  • A Helpful Monkey

    Ok guys. I had alot of problems too. I still can’t log on to battlelog but I can help some of you link your gamertag. I had a problem of not being able to link my tag to my account. I chatted with a rep who said he needed my DOB and email on my xbl account. I gave him both of them and he said they were incorrect. I then got on my xbl account and copied and pasted all of the info to the chat so there was NO way it was wrong…except it was :/…I then typed in every single email i have ever used and of them worked even though i NEVER used it for my xbl and it wasn’t the email listed on my account. As far as the DOB thing i think the rep actually forgot about it cuz he never asked me for it again. When you go to your EA origins account you should see your XBL, PSN, or WII account listed under the “identities” section. The rep told me that i needed to play a few games AFTER i linked my account to fix the “you must buy this game” error. He said if that doesn’t work try downloading the skate, fifa, or madden demos and play one for about 30 minutes. Something about playing the game links your account. hope this helps.

  • Nobber1957

    Will not update so cannot play any more sob, it tries to download then pauses by it self in a permanent loop

  • gmaer23

    i cant login to battlelog because its says that i need a email address but my user name is not a email what should i do?

  • GreenGecko721

    I am literally playing the game right now, and it says, “Buy BF3 to get access to Battlelog.” And dont tell me I havent played a few rounds, Ive has this game for a month, and im level 24

    • Hallowform

      I’m getting the same issue, let me know what you find out please.

  • neuronox

    I’m level 14 now and battlelog still saying “buy it”…

  • Steve

    It appears logging into Battlefield 3 Multiplayer (through Origin) is a nationwide problem which is now going into the third day. Origin “chat” offers absolutely NO help, & no one seems to know how to fix it or who to contact to fix it. Very frustrating. I don’t believe I will buy another EA/DICE game again, especially if it involves Origin.

  • arvoe

    what is the number i should call to get this problem fixed. does anyone know???

  • arvoe

    what is the number i should call to get this problem fixed. does anyone know???

  • soloflyer

    Thats crap! I’m rank 32 and it still wont let me login. I’ve already changed my password and can logon to orgin just fine

  • Smythy74

    i cant login to battlelog i have been playing the game since release  it just keeps saying i must buy battlefield 3 to login which i have bought i have an ea account as the ea gun club works fine

  • Mattmiller510

    Battlelog keeps telling me “Buy BF3 to get access”, despite the fact that I have an EA / Origin account and I used it to pre-order the game.Whats going on?

  • Cobalt505

    lvl 15 and i cant log in i try and it says i im not allowed.

  • Jandnpetermeyer

    on my xbox it wont let me log in on battlefield3 and i have a EA account instead it says player is to young please help me

    • Timlawlor11

      you set your age to youn make it like your mom or dads

  • Evil Snake

    Got limited additoin Saturday.  Entered my code that came with game.  It knows my user ID.  But I can not log in and I can not re-set my passowrd.  It sent me to a “Stawars” site to reset my password.  And that just did not work.  What is going on EA?

  • Gimi

    I have 13 level and still can’t log in :/

  • Xjessexjames

    i have played and gotten to a level 10 or 11 and it keeps saying i must buy bf3 to access battlelog… wtf ea

    • jobu

      I am having the same problem.  I think it has to do with multiple log in’s.  I originally played BFBC2 with my original log in and once I hit level 50 created another.  I have 3 accounts and didn’t start BF3 with the same account as BFBC2.

  • Chrisrunner55

    ive had an EA account since Bad Company 2 and I’ve played more than a few rounds of BF3 now and i still am “not allowed” to log into battlelog, why is this happening?

  • Nguyen Canh

    said i am not logged into battle lod

    • Nguyen Canh

      log and i am lvl 10 already so i dunno why it wont work

  • anonymus

    for me it keeps saying that i didnt buy the game when i try to login.hhhheeeeelllllppppppp

    • Neo_live639

      same happen 2 me.. for the record i using the PSN version..

  • Whydon’tthiswork!!!

    I Pre-ordered for xbox 360 picked it up saturday and a few problems happened.

    1. physical warfare pack didn’t download correctly when i went to dash board got a notification saying that it couldn’t or didn’t or won’t i can’t exactly remember but it was saying that it didn’t work in other words. I tried putting code in again no luck i checked memory and there is no visable notice that it was downloaded into BF3.
    2. Battlelog doesn’t work at all, i wanted to get the m911 pistol and i get the message that i don’t own Battlefield 3 yet… i’ve played both multiplayer co-op and singleplayer and still will not work.

    EA I am fine with not getting a pistol but i only really pre-orderd BF3 and picked it up so early so i could get the Physical warfare mappack.

  • Coolt97

    Im lvl 30 in multiplayer finished the story mode and still cant get into battlelog WTF preorder for ps3 been playing since tuesday get this working

  • Brian

    i just made and account with EA and when i try to log into battlelog it says wrong email or password but both are correct i just made them i have it for the 360 .  what can i do

  • Gene

    I am level 11 in multilayer, I have completed 2 Co-Op Levels, and i even tryed making a seperate account with ea and changing my PS3 email. STILL i cannot log into Battlelog. It continues to say” buy the game ”

    SUCK IT! I have the game T_T.
    yet my 2 other friends loged in just fine.

    • Lightning_FC

      Gene, same here. I’m a sgt rank and it’s telling me to “buy the game.” WTF???


  • Xjessexjames

    What the hell…. i have been playing since tuesday and i cant log in either…. ea you guys are pathetic… so much for this being the best shooter… guess i will trade it in next week for the new call of duty….. piss off ea….

    • Boxer67g

      im taking mine in tomorrow i keep gettin stuck on Joining server. Modern Warfare 3 here i come 🙂  BF3 Suks bigtime …

  • Mrdanglyatom

    Can’t log in at all…keep trying and it takes my email address and master id…then nothing happen’s, just left still on the Log in page…typical EA game’s… poor servers from the launch, still no quick match feature and continuous problem’s.will they listen to the feedback from folk’s here?….i doubt it

    • Boxer67g

      they wont listen … i called support line and got cut off twice, the guy i talked to didnt know more than i did. He suk’d and i hope everyone turns BF3 back in and get COD MW3 …

  • Brusenmeister

    can`t log into battlelog, I have a origin account, but my game is a xbox game, just says I have to buy the game. anyone

    • Satanachia

      Same here, I clearly have the game right now on Xbox and it keeps telling me I have to buy it…. ( ? )  I played online, both multiplayer and coop as well with the campaign and still have no luck login in battlefeed…

    • Chris Thorntonbowen

      same with me but i went into my orign account and added battlefield 3 to my games list,try that then play a game and try to log in

  • Chris

    level 14 and still cant log in. tells me to buy battlefield 3. i dont know what to enter, my psn info or what

  • Orngfrk69

    Ive been playing it since I picked it up on tuesday and still cant log in. This is BS!!

  • Russ G

    Total Crud,i am at Sgt Rank,have played Co Op,Multiplayer,and Campaign..and i still cannot sign in to Battlelog.I purchased the Limited Edition on PS3…your so called quick Fix sure as hell does not work.Suggest you read all this feedback and take it on board.

  • C S

    I keep setting up multiple accounts only to read that it’s on their end, I purchased BF2 on PC and that seems to be the issue as the prompt states purchase BF3. I did, for Xbox360. This needs to be fix asap as some pre-order codes can only be redeemed at Battlelog.

  • Kd3296

    this is total rubbish i cant even load the game , cant get past origin wont accept any of my previous account details and i do have the pre ordered edition.

  • mine wont login as it says i need to purchases the game although im playing it on ps3?? the console beta worked though??? its the same login btw

  • Alan Reiley

    I’ve played a few rounds. I’m at level 10 now on the Xbox. Is that enough rounds? And I still get the “You Are Not Allowed to Login” message. You guys asked for feedback. Are you actually doing anything with it?

  • Depresszio_1

    heyy i buyed battlefield 3 limited edition but i cant login to battlelog why lol ? it says buy bf3 to login pl naswer me or i need to buy other bf3 ? 😀 🙂

  • Rick

    I managed to play on day 1 but for some reason when I launch the game, I get sent to the Battlelog login in screen and when I sign in using my EA master Id (which works under normal circumstances) just get sent back to the login screen with no error messages or anything. It seems battlelog simply will not go past the sign in screen, anyone know whats worng or if theres a fix?

    • Jdust

      I’m experiencing the exact same issue. When is this going to get fixed? This is ridiculous.

    • Mrdanglyatom

      I’ve got the same problem as you much for a company being properly prepared…

  • Ashleythompson1

    Waited until midnight to buy this game to find
    That I cannot play anything apart from the campaign
    Mode this is ridiculous why bother buying a game
    When it’s released these people need to sort
    Problems like these before they sell them to the
    Public I am very disappointed but they probably
    Don’t care as they have got our money now Ashley from

  • Demonairsoft

    yep origen wont give battel feed what a major computer nerd cluster %#ck if you know what i mean it worked last night and was fun  but cant join a game today

  • Jim Dennis

    i bought limited edition battlefeild 3 for PC and cannot get past “authorization”. the Origin log in system says i am still in “Origin Beta” because i played beta. Anyhow cant get it to run because it wont authorize gg.

  • Crunkgirl711

    im having the same problem and i have played like 8 or 89 matches prob more then that i keep resetting my password and it keeps happening and also i pre ordered the game as well 

  • Line_noise

    Yeah same problem here. Played night before last and it was choppy as hell. Last night could not log on all night due to Your account is not allowed to login
    error.  CAn reset password but will not go into game with out error coming up. This sucks.

  • TheMan

    Played 2 games the night before last, havent been able to log into Battlelog since. I’m playing on PC. I try and login then it just takes me right back to the battlelog login screen. EA is no help been in 3 “live chats” and not getting any results. This has to be the worse design for just trying to play a game to date. I’ve played the battlefield series since Battlefield Vietnam and I am not sold on this one. VERY dissapointed. 

    • LBGreenthumb

      I have the same exact problem with the main page just reloading over and over again each time I type my email and password, I havent been able to play 1 game on BF3 yet and I am gettting very tried of waiting. BATTLELOG is such a fail in my book, why couldnt they use a similar interface that was in BC2?

  • GODuk

    I was in the Alpha & the Beta yet cannot log in to it. I’m in the UK so still got one more day to wait which sux lol Does anyone know when it will be out on mobile for Android?

  • Anonymous

    Online stat tracking isn’t new. BF2 had multiple third party sites that detailed all your achievements, unlock progress and statistics far better than DICE did back then.

    What this does is make the PC version clunky and annoying since the game cannot do anything without having a browser running and when it is running it can’t do very much anyway.

    Need to change the video settings, your character loadout or just tweak your key bindings because they are currently broken? In any other game you would just go to the settings menu and do all of that before starting a game. Not so in  BF3. Thanks to the idiotic browser design the only way you can adjust anything is while you are logged in to a live game. So not only are you wasting a player slot while you tweak things, but if you are spawned then you are also just a static target for enemy fire.

    The browser was supposed to simplify finding servers but yet again it’s lacking basic features that BF2 used to have. You can change your filters but you can’t save them. So every time you jump off the page you have to reset all the filters when you go back. When you want to jump to another server you can’t do that in-game so the the entire game has to close and dump you back to the browser where you then can choose another server and the entire game has to reload.

    The browser seems to have been designed by people who have never played an online FPS game before. If any of the original DICE team worked on this they must have had some serious head injuries while building BF3 to forget basic usability.

    • Kite

      to me it said Buy BF3 to get access to Battlelog. Check the FAQ  but I did buy the game and it came with a code.”xxxx-xxxx-xxxx’ where can i enter it or how ! IDK help me please

  • FoeTwenty

    Won’t allow me to play multiplayer without logging in first on PS3.  Online it keeps giving me the “Your account is not allowed to login”, can’t wait for UC3. Dice really disappointed this time around. They try to stop pirates, pirates can play online and I can’t. 

  • Joe_bob

    Been trying to install BF3 for the last 5 hours, origin is F’ing sh!t. Its not my computer and its not my internet connection. If its a traffic issue than there is no excuse, shouldnt they have anticipated how much traffic they would have on the release day with the amount of pre-orders. This is my 3 attempt to install it. Its got to 42% and not moved and 92% and not moved. GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
    F U ORIGIN, F’ING INCOMPETENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Perhaps you should stop using your mom’s computer…In the meantime, I’ll be flying jets on my xbox 😀

  • yeah i payed 60 bugs for this crap … thx for nothing origin !

  • Saint

    How do I play a few rounds first? Game won’t load for me, it just goes to Battlelog page! I am playing on PC, pre-ordered it and pre-downloaded it. 🙁

    • Rad_man06

      dude!!!! all you have to do is enter the online pass code….that came with your copy of bf3 on the psn store code Redeemer!!!!!!! battlelog has nothing to do with multi player!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        This is correct

      • Psn store redeemer?  Didn’t he just say he is playing on PC? 
        All that said: I am playing on PS3, have redeemed my online pass using the code redeem and have played long enough to be a level 5 and still get the “Not allowed to log in BS.  I don’t understand why.  In the mean time, I am waiting for a representative to call me or enter into a chat room which looks like a 45 minute wait as of now.

  • Flics

    ^ how are we supposed to play a few rounds if we can’t log in?…

    • Alan Ng

      As far as I’m aware, you don’t have to be logged into Battlelog to play multiplayer? On console you can play regardless.. If you haven’t redeemed your EA Online Pass, you may want to try that as well if Battlelog still isn’t working…hope it helps.

    • Rad_man06

      dude!!!! all you have to do is enter the online pass code….that came
      with your copy of bf3 on the psn store code Redeemer!!!!!!! battlelog
      has nothing to do with multi player!!!!

      • Flics

        I’m playing on pc

  • Anonymous

    my bro has his xbox at my house…all his stats for some reason are showing up under MY battlelog account…wtf is that? I have the PC and Xbox version too so my screen name shows up for both version….but my bro’s screen name also shows up under my account. He has his own Origin account but gets the error mesage when trying to log in to. He can’t “play a few rounds” cuz it logs it under my account for some reason. What is this crap? His stats show up as my name too…not his.

  • play a few rounds?  thats your solution….  guess what, didn’t work.  Whats your next cr@ppy suggestion EA?