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Are Sony trying to start another OtherOS war with PS Vita game saves?

If you are planning to pick up a Sony PS Vita when it launches next year in Western countries, some interesting developments have been revealed with regards to how the system handles game saves and how they’ll function with the new PS Vita memory cards.

You’re not going to like this either, as Sony has made things a little confusing to say the least, by confirming that PS Vita games that require internal game saves from the game that you’re playing at that time, will not be able to be saved on to the external memory card, in case you want to transfer game saves to another device or something like that.

Furthermore, games that require external memory for game saves, i.e the separate memory card, will require the user to physically have a memory card equipped in the Vita, otherwise they can’t play at all. This means that you will not be able to play your friend’s copy of Tekken for example, if it requires external memory and you don’t have a memory card in your Vita at that time, regardless of whether you want to play without saving or not.

Sounds a little confusing we agree, but basically Sony are limiting game saves to either the game you’re playing or the external memory, and they won’t be transferrable between each other. The information gathered at Kotaku Japan also reveals that some PS Vita DLC will require the external memory card to operate as well.

What do you make of all this? Does the fact that Sony are not letting you transfer game saves between Vita game card and external memory card bother you? Restricting simple functionality like this could prove to be a big mistake on Sony’s part, just look what happened when Sony tried to remove the OtherOS feature from the PS3 – we all know how that turned out.

Is this very worrying for you that Sony are going down this route with their game saves?



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