Windows XP celebrates tenth birthday, Microsoft wants it extinct

By Gary Johnson - Oct 26, 2011

While Microsoft builds up for the launch of Windows 8, there are many users still using older versions of the company’s other operating systems. One of which Windows XP celebrates its tenth birthday, as Microsoft wants it to be extinct.

Microsoft wants customers still using XP to switch from it and use Windows 7 and then maybe move on to Windows 8 according to eWeek. The operating system arrived way back in October 2001, and quickly went onto dominate the market. It was succeeded by the much maligned Windows Vista that many users didn’t like the feel of.

Now with Windows 7 it is set to replace XP as the most used operating system, but many are still using XP with Microsoft wanting to change that. According to some Windows XP still has a 47.29 percent share of the market, with Windows 7 trailing in at 30.36 percent. Vista holds 11.19 percent with Mac OS X sitting on 7.19 percent.

After spending ten years out in the market Windows XP is nice and stable and patched, and also has a familiarity to many users. Trouble is Microsoft relies on revenue from Windows and Windows Live arm, so would like customers to ditch XP for Windows 7. The company is going to end official support for XP in 2014, and its latest browser IE9 isn’t compatible with it.

Currently Windows 7 has sold over 450 million licenses since it was released in 2009, and Microsoft hopes the next version will just as successful. There will be many who don’t want to pay out and upgrade to a newer version of Windows though, and there are plenty of other web browsers available.

Do you still use Windows XP?

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  • Kevin

    When IE 9 is fully usable with my windows 7 system, I might consider upgrading my other XP machines to  Windows 7 but until I can get IE 9 working properly on my Windows 7 (64 bit) system there is no chance of Microsoft selling any more software to me.

  • Raskilinov

    Windows XP -the old girl. Just been brilliant for work matters. The rate at which new tech and software is coming out, it probably makes sense to upgrade. Mind you on my home PC, I use W7 though with the XP skin. I guess you can XP out of the comp but not out of the user. 

  • KevinFromSD

    Oh yeah, I still use Windows XP.  Im always afraid that updating to a new OS will mess my computer up.  Especially since my computer is about 6 years old.  I’m not getting Windows 7 until I get a new laptop, only because it will already be pre-installed.