Skyrim: New jump spell revealed in gameplay teaser?

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2011

We often come in for some minor criticism from die-hard Elder Scrolls fans who are annoyed that we post new Skyrim content that they’ve already seen, but one new video that we have to show you is definitely fresh stuff and we’re guessing that most of you are yet to see it.

The new footage comes courtesy of Game Informer as they have included some new unseen footage of Skyrim in between an interview with some of their staff who offer their thoughts on the upcoming mammoth RPG adventure.

We agree that its not the best method of demoing new footage for the first time, in fact it actually serves as more of a tease than anything which fans may find frustrating. There is one very cool part in particular though that shows a new spell in action allowing the player to base jump off a rather high cliff, and perfectly land before the town below him without taking any damage whatsoever. This spell could come in very handy indeed when you need to make a quick exit if you suddenly run into an enemy that you are no match for at that particular stage in the game.

We found the interview very interesting as well, especially when the Game Informer staff talk about aspects that they want to see changed in Oblivion. For example, there was a little criticism of the repetitive nature of the dungeons in Oblivion, in the fact that the architecture and enemies featured in the dungeons were mostly the same all the way through the game – Hopefully Bethesda has built their dungeons with a lot more variety in mind this time around.

Another aspect that one of the staff didn’t like in Oblivion and wanted to see changed in Skyrim, is the armor emcumberment feature. As most of you know, it was a very frustrating experience picking up new swords and fancy pieces of enchanted armor, only to find that you can’t loot it or equip it because you are too heavy. It was even more annoying when you found out you had run out of Flax seeds to brew up some feather potions – oh the memories. We agree with Game Informer here, in that we hope this element of the game has been altered for Skyrim.

Check out the video interview and new gameplay elements here as Game Informer do not offer an embed code and it’s not up on YouTube yet. Have you seen this new jump spell revealed by Bethesda?

UPDATE: It looks like this new move is in fact one of the new dragon shouts, with this one offering invincibility – looks pretty awesome.

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  • Guest???

    Also item encumbrance is in the game but i believe there are perks that will make it easier (example: a Heavy armor  perk that makes all heavy equipment 50% lighter)

    I made up that example but i think there are perks somewhat similar to my made up one haha

  • Guest???

    It’s not a spell, it’s a dragon shout. (can be used after finding certain words of power then absorbing a dragons soul)
    This is important because it means it can be used by any character who has found the words and a dragon soul and not just characters who like to use magic in the game.
    Also it has nothing to do with jumping at all.. just makes you invincible for a short period of time. (the video shows him using it to jump off a cliff without taking damage but it can be used without jumping… obviously)
    not really a big deal, im just so pumped for this game i’ll take a minute to correct you purely to kill time waiting for 11/11/11

  • Guest

    That’s not a jump spell, it’s a invincible shout.
    He doesn’t use the spell to jump, so why name it that way?

  • Mjolnir of lol

    He’s getting bollocked by the readers lulz

  • Pyromantom

    In the leaked guide/game manual Bethesda specifically states:  “Carry Weight: The amount of weight you can carry before becoming overly encumbered. Your maximum carry weight is based on your Stamina attribute.” So the game mechanic is incredibly similar if not the same. You can look it up for yourself.

  • Mervyn_harris

    On encumbrance.. is a standard in most RPG and a must, it’s about management, which without makes a pretty poor RPG… secondly featherfall from Morrowind?? so not a new spell really is it..

  • Mungwatt

    What an idiot…

  • Madgamer78

    You didn’t like the encumbrance system?  Why not, it made the game more realistic.  You really think you could carry twenty suits of Daedric armour and forty silver warhammers out of a dungeon????  

  • Anonymous

    (shoots self in head)

  • Brutal Truth

    Lol i haven’t checked skyrim news in days and still I know more than you. You suck Alan NG !

  • Lucinda

    Someone hasn’t been doing their Elderscrolls homework, no wonder he gets bitched out by the fans

  • Owlhelm

    Surely not ANOTHER misleading article from this joker? Sheesh!

  • luk503


  • Daniel01462

    i ment its not critisim (not im not angry haha)

  • Daniel01462

    wtf thats just the invincibility dragon shout. saw that many weeks ago. im not angry im just saying if your going to amke a big deal about something new. make sure its new else just say its infomation

  • drachnyn

    shout called become ethereal btw

  • “We often come in for some minor criticism from die-hard Elder Scrolls fans who are annoyed that we post new Skyrim content that they’ve already seen”
    Now you’re using misleading titles and throwing in ‘updates’ with the truth?

  • Hobodealer

    There seems to be much confusion around between spells and shouts. If you watch the Gametrailers Skyrim episode Tod Howard explains that it is in fact a dragon shout.

  • I think you will find its a SHOUT not a spell. Its also not for Jumping, its for becoming temporarily invincible.

  • Beakus

    Invincibility shout is correct. It was on the episode of Gametrailers TV a couple of days ago.

  • Rj

    Its not a SPELL its a Dragon Shout!  and it was from another interview done with Todd Howard which was out a couple of days ago! 

  • Carlisle

    Wasn’t this Information given to us like 5 days ago?

    • Guest


  • london

    invincibility shout i believe.