HTC Thunderbolt: Download Gingerbread Build 2.11.605.5 update now

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2011

Just when you were wondering what on earth had happened to the now-infamous Gingerbread update for the HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon has appeared out of nowhere with a new official version which some users are reporting that it’s available to download now.

Verizon has now identified the new Gingerbread update by Build 2.11.605.5, and the modified update notes have now been obtained by Droid-Life, if you click on the picture through their article.

You’ll see that Verizon has now fixed their voicemail problem which was the main reason behind the delay in the first place, while the update notes also reveal that a Bluetooth security patch has now been added as well. Further changes include a fix to stop SMS messages sending to other people, while Verizon also note other security improvements to device vulnerability as well.

It was initially thought that the update would be coming in a few days time, since Verizon usually go live at the weekend with their software updates, but actually, we’re hearing that the update may be available now for some users! If you have a HTC Thunderbolt and want to try and force the update yourself, simply go to Settings>Software update>Check new on your device and see if the update will start.

It seems crazy to think that the device is still residing on Android 2.2 Froyo, but hopefully the majority of Thunderbolt users will be enjoying Gingerbread by the end of the week – the first bit of good news that should at least put a smile on the faces of frustrated owners.

Will Gingerbread tempt you to keep hold of your Thunderbolt, or have you already grown tired of Verizon and HTC’s silent stance on their once ‘flagship’ handset? Let us know if the push method works for the update and how your handset is fairing after installing Gingerbread.

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  • PaleGringo

    Fresno, CA.  Phone downloaded and automatically installed at 2:43am… I was sound asleep, but the wife was awake.  She said it reported that the SIM card was not supported and that the phone could only be used for emergency calls, but when I tried dialing out with it this morning, it worked fine.

    Restarted the phone once in the office and no problems.  Seemed to take less time to initialize and appears slightly faster.  No other problems.  Glad I got on a 2 year contract with VZ before they capped data.  Shall see where it goes in two years.

  • Herman

    I just installed the update in Washington, D.C. and install took about 18 minutes with no problems.

  • Anonymous

    I receievd the initial gingerbread update and had none of the problems most people were reporting.  I also just checked the software update and found the newest update.  It’s downloading right now and will report  if there are any problems. 

  • Jason

    Service unavailable in Columbus Ohio

  • JFeliciano

    Tampa Bay Area, Fl I had updated in the prvious attempt and put up with checking vmail several times a day.  Annoying but OK since the other features of GB worked OK.  Surprised this morning with a notice that the update to 2.11.605.5 was done overnight.  Not much difference other than the notification issue seems to be solved.

  • Annoyed.

    Service Unavailable in SE. Michigan

  • silicon valley 1

    Not available in the San Francisco Bay Area yet.

  • Samantha Hendricks

    I’m in Washington State, just outside of Seattle with no luck on pushing the update, even though it’s officially on Verizon’s website. . I tried LTE/CDMA, and using the LTE OnOff application from the Market to no avail. I guess I’ll have to wait for it to be “pushed” to my device. Oh, the anxiety of waiting!