How to get a MW3 Prestige Token: Black Ops Double XP this weekend

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2011

If you are still scratching your head over the whole Prestige Token incentive for Modern Warfare 3 whilst playing older Call of Duty games, our best advice for you would just be to insert your copy of Black Ops this weekend – Double XP is going live again, but this time it’s going to be worth it.

If you need some brief background on how you’ll be able to collect Prestige Tokens prior to the release of Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th, head to our previous guide here. You’ll can also find out what to spend your Prestige Tokens on, in the Prestige Shop here.

Now then, Infinity Ward has just confirmed that there will be a Double XP weekend going live this Friday, meaning that this is the first good chance to earn a Prestige Token for Modern Warfare 3 if you previously didn’t bother ranking up in mulitplayer – this is going to be pretty rare.

However, if you just bought Black Ops for single player or the zombie mode and are still on a low rank, just spend a good few hours on multiplayer and prestige to ensure that you at least have one token available for usage as soon as you pick up your copy of Modern Warfare on launch day. As we mentioned earlier this week, those of you who are still sitting on rank 55 should prestige and play at least one multiplayer game, for Infinity Ward’s servers to authenticate, ensuring that they remember your status and grant you that lucrative token for MW3.

It’s going to be great for those of you who are on max level without prestiging on older games such as Modern Warfare 2, World at War and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Prestige Tokens are valid here as well, giving a max possibility of four tokens available straight away in Modern Warfare 3. We’re guessing that everyone is going to have at least one via Black Ops, especially with the Double XP weekend coming up this Friday, but the question remains is: Did you keep copies of older Call of Duty games?

How many prestige tokens will you be able to get – the full four?

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  • noobsmacker

    It doesn’t matter if you prestige this weekend. If you have prestiged at any point on any of the previous games you will get a token. The aim of this weekend is for those numpties who haven’t prestiged to do so quickly to get a token and (cynically)… To combat BF3’s release.

  • BlackOpsMom

    My kid is 8th prestige 

  • randomguy575

    I still have Black Ops and World at War but I’m 15th 50 on Black Ops and 10th 65 on WaW. So I can’t get the tokens and people who aren’t the highest level can? That’s stupid.

    • asd

      no you already received yours if you have previously prestiged 

  • Spencerlamb10

    It does not matter when you prestiged it will still count. 4 tokens for me BOSH!

    • 4 here too.  Hit like if you think kids that don’t prestige are pussies…

    • Ste Fet

      How do I find out how many tokens I’ve got or not got :-/ ??

  • Lenny

    So if I prestiged on the games a few months ago I still get the tockens?? Or do I need to prestige in this next week??