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Galaxy Nexus: Display concerns after lack of gorilla glass

With the highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus on the way sometime next month, there has been considerable debate on the materials that will be used for the display screen. We know that the device will be equipped with a HD Super AMOLED PenTile display, but it looks like Gorilla Glass materials will be absent.

If you care about your display screen quality, you’ll know that Gorilla Glass is a material that is high in demand with smartphone fans, and it is currently featured on other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and also the Apple iPhone 4 uses a variant of Gorilla Glass materials as well.

Considering that that Galaxy S II utilizes Gorilla Glass, you may be surprised to hear that the upcoming Galaxy Nexus will not feature the material. A recent tweet by Corning, who makes the special material confirms that it won’t be shipping on the Galaxy Nexus.

Here is what they said recently, as reported from Droid-Life:

”For all who have asked, just confirmed @Corning Gorilla┬« Glass is not on the new Galaxy Nexus. For further details please contact Samsung.”

Meanwhile, Samsung has said that they use a ‘different’ type of glass for their screen, but failed to go into specifics on it. If you are a fan of Gorilla Glass, do you find it odd that Samsung are not using the material for the Galaxy Nexus? Who knows though, maybe the company have found something even better than Gorilla Glass that hasn’t become mainstream yet.

Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy S II equipped with Gorilla Glass seemed to withstand quite a lot of damage when it went up against the iPhone 4S in a damage test. The lack of Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus may be cause for concern for some consumers – let us know your views on this.



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