Battlefield 3: List your best weapons and equipment setup

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2011

It is that time again folks. Battlefield 3 has just launched in the US, with a release coming to Europe at the end of this week. We do this every time a new COD or BF game comes out, and we are after your game-winning best weapons and equipment setups again.

If you are a stranger to the way it works, simply take a read through our previous ‘best weapon threads’ – you’ll find the Black Ops one here, Modern Warfare 2 here and of course, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 here.

Now that you are up to speed, we want you to list your favorite weapon setup, which is proving to be quite useful in game. Obviously, we are well aware that many of you are yet to play the game, but most of you would have played the beta anyway, plus we take into consideration the fact that a lot of gamers managed to pick up Battlefield 3 early due to street date leaks.

We’re guessing that the M16 assault rifle will be a popular choice for many of you, given its ease of use as well as its excellent all-rounder capabilities and very decent accuracy. Once you unlock the M416 though, you may decide that this is a better fit for you.

Other choices that most of you may be opting for is the cult favorite – the G36c. This weapon equipped with the silencer and holographic is deadly to say the least, and you’ll probably find yourself towards the top of the leaderboard once you master this weapon. Don’t forget, spraying will not get you anywhere with the game – just like Bad Company 2, short accurate bursts is the most ideal way to take out an enemy. The best part of having your silencer equipped is that you can just find your favorite spot and take out easy prey with minimum hassle. There’s plenty of dirty spots in Battlefield 3 to suit your needs.

Do you think you have a better weapon than the M16 or G36c? List your favorite setup as well as equipment using our standard formula as seen in our previous weapon threads. I’ll be updating this with my winning setup once I have got to grips with the game a bit more.

UPDATE: So here’s my update as promised guys. I am focusing on the Recon class now and as many have already pointed out on various forums, the SKS is pretty powerful to say the least. Two shots and the enemy is down, and it’s an auto-rifle! I find myself spending more time in tanks these days though, as some of the later unlocks are incredible. Right now I have Reactive Armor, Thermal Optics and Canister shell – you are basically untouchable in the tanks with this setup and the right tactics, and since the Thermal Optics let you see everything, you can rack up your kill count easy. Let’s just put it this way, whoever rides in the tank with me is guaranteed a score of like 4,000 alone – not too bad at all! Are you a tank lover as well?

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  • Doc_daniels

    my favorite class is recon because of all of the assignments … the jng-90 is my new favorite i just switched from the m98b the badest sniper ever for non dlc owners the jng is a great gun im haveing a little trouble reajusting my sniping skills though from the m98B to jng-90 the jng is way more powerful a more accurate bullet leaves my enimies laying on the ground with massive bleeding to the head… i prefer the .44 revolver because of its stopping power and a xbow because it can do alot for you well this is doc_daniels signing off add me 😛 i have a ps3

  • Nearly level 20 and as of right now I am using the M416 for my Medic Class, with a Holographic sight (Reflex is just too obtrusive, with a huge rim to block a lot of screen), Heavy Barrel and Front Grip.  That is my primary class, as it is the one class nobody else in my squad is playing.  Any pistol is fine, just pop

    I played a lot of Support during the start and my favorite setup during that time was the M249 SAW with either an ACOG or Holographic sight, I was using the front grip on it for a while but found that I wasn’t using the class as effectively without the Bipod to influence my playstyle.  Setting up shop and laying down covering fire is much more helpful to yoru squad than running and gunning with a huge ass machine gun.  Also the extended mag so I can hold 200 rounds in the case instead of 100 is very very important if you’re spraying an enemy location to distract the enemy while your squad flanks their position.

    I’m waiting to unlock the M4A1, it’s simply ridiculous.  Can outsnipe most of the sniper rifles because its got the range and its more versatile. 

    I’ve found a lot of people using the AK-74 and RPG; engineer is easily the most played class.  I think its overrated myself, I think aside from destroyign enemy vehicles, the other classes often get overlooked because people get tired of getting guned down by tanks and IFV’s, but that’s an error in playstyle.  See or more importantly HEAR a tank hide until it passes.

  • Vomero83

    Well… I am like 5 level so as far as I can tell with the Weapon DLC, the Dao shotgun and Type 88 disappointed me. The first one is underpowered and doesn’t feel like a shotgun, the latter is higly inaccurate. I tried to kill a fella from above 200 meters using an agog x4, he stood still for 2 minutes never noticing what I was up to! Different story is with SKS, good also in close combat. Has a huge magazine capacity  and a decent damage. I ‘m looking for a x4 scope for this one! I also realized that generally snipers in this game have a big edge over other classes. If u find a good spot you get a 10+ kill streak unnoticed. Thats a pity I am a berseker and I can’t sit for too long. Shotguns and the type 88 were great in BFC 2, here useless with reduced damage and big recoil.

  • Dynasty2021

    The AEK is incredibly popluar for Assault, with the acog sight.

    SKS is getting popular with recon for it’s RIDICULOUS damage, 2 shots at any distance and semi-auto.  Overpowered big time.

    M4A1 is my weapon of choice.  Foregrip, heavy barrel and 3.4 sight for the better crosshairs.

    And Support is hardly being played at the moment from what I can see.

    The vast majority are Assault, what with the health pack and defibs.

    • Higgins2013

      And you cant forget the 21 round clip in the SKS. ridiculous is an under statement