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Battlefield 3 console review cites horrendous textures, Xbox 360 ugliness

If you are a keen fan of reading game reviews online before you go out and purchase, you’ll already be aware that Battlefield 3 overall has been the subject of very positive feedback. One console review in particular though has pointed out some of the apparent truths about the game though, which we thought you would like to know about.

The PC version of the game is no doubt the best platform to play Battlefield 3 on, and the PC reviews reflect this. However, one review we’ve read over at Destructoid mixes the PC and console versions together, and reviewer Jim Sterling didn’t hold back when specifically talking about the console version.

Here are a few standout views as taken from their review: ”With less impressive visuals, horrendous texture pop-in and smaller battles, the Battlefield 3 console experience is a shadow of what is offered on computers and not something I’d recommend.”

It gets worse too, as he has even singled out the Xbox 360 version of the game for direct attack. Make sure you’re aware that his thoughts are even after the HD texture pack has been installed, which we assumed improves graphics significantly:

”I found the whole game distinctly less fun on the Xbox 360, feeling sterile and looking almost ugly. One would hope that the Frostbite engine could at least make a game that’s visually impressive compared to other console titles, but this is not the case.”

Sterling leaves a parting shot at the Frostbite 2 engine on console, saying that Crysis 2 looks much better and that Battlefield 3 should be capable of better.

Obviously, these are some bold words there on the console version of the game, but the PC build faired much better. His overall review score was 7.5/10 though, so actually this can’t be called a disaster by any means.

Is the Xbox 360 version really as ugly as he says though, and are textures really horrendous? Give us your thoughts on this.



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