Battlefield 3: Connection / Error problems send EA servers down for you?

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2011

It looks like everyone’s Battlefield 3 launch party is continuing to run into problems. After initial problems with the Xbox 360 servers yesterday, it looks like PS3 gamers are also having problems whilst trying to connect to EA’s servers.

We can personally confirm that the PS3 version is also running into teething problems after launch, as we ran into the infamous ‘Failed to connect to EA Servers’ quite a few times during our last session on the game.

It looks like many of you are also having the same problems, which isn’t exactly ideal one day after launching in the US. At the same time, we understand that demand on EA’s servers must be pretty incredible and it has become almost impossible to have a problem-free launch in terms of server connections for such a title as Battlefield 3 – it happened with Black Ops on launch if I remember correctly.

EA has been keeping frustrated gamers up to date on the server outages on their official Twitter account. So far, there’s no info on the PS3 version having problems, but we definitely ran into those errors so it would be handy if any of you can confirm this also.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until EA sort the problems out, as we’re sure everyone is dying to get back into action and rank up those classes as quickly as possible. The connection problems could be seen as further disappointment for PS3 owners after finding out that EA has inexplicably decided to not include the promised Battlefield 1943 game on the disc which is what they first announced at E3 – We’re sure we’ll be finding out more on that soon.

What is your Battlefield 3 status at the moment? Can you connect to EA’s servers on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, or are you still getting connection error messages constantly? On a side note, if you are having any other problems with the game, you can list them below in case other readers can offer a quick fix.

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  • Pissed off

    Ive been having this problem since i got it. Ive also been signed out with errors and when i searched up the error code many people have had the same problem when they used battlefield3, this isnt just on bf3 though when i use other games i have the same issues,EVER SINCE I GOT BF3

  • Trustdougfl

    come ea put the cell phone down and fix the timed out problems wtf

  • I have the best internet you can buy and best router you can buy and i still get booted every 7 out of 10 games!!!! This is BS!!!!!!!

  • Alot of money spent on this and for what? I guess so i can play for 5 mins and get booted! Start over, play for 5 mins and get booted!! WTF, great game……..NOT

  • PS3 i cant get into servers keeps saying there runnin content that i dont have, but i have downloaded everything. I have tried and it says there is nothing left to download. This is crap i bought this game for the online and i cant play i want my money back.This is crap . I knew is hould of just stuck with COD MW3 they should be giving out some free downloads for the loyal people that decided to give them a shot, and got the shaft like me. If I bought MW3 i could be playing with a smile right now instead of complaining!!way to go EA!!!well you have lost me as a customer its been over a month and i still cant play

    • Pops

      No, no you no happy with modern warfare 3, no..

  • Ron

    Having server problems with xbox also. Battlefield 3 Multiplayer try’s to connect then comes back and tells me to check my connection.  I can switch immediately over to MW3 without any problems.

  • Trevorrobertbarnes

    So I decide to buy BF3 (for Ps3) after concluding the frame jumping and lag on MW3 was too overwhelming for online play… I have never played any previous battlefield titles, and I heard this one was beyond legit. So I trade it…. little to my knowledge it required an “access code” for online play… wow… alright… so I buy the 10$ online pass through the PS network… and I still lose connection from every round, every game, everytime…. It’s just unfortunate unsatisfied customers will continue to go unsatisfied…

  • Gboden9

    i am able to connect after starting up the game 3+ times.  the only times it works is when it checks my player profile data at the start menu.  usually what it will do after i press start is it will take me to the main menu saying that the connection with EA was lost and after i press x on my ps3 it will take an eternity to check my player profile data.  Any help if this made any sense?

    • Cocobanana

      Yea that’s what exactly happens to mine! How do u fix it??

  • Madluke1

    I had two areas whre I had probles with screen whiteout,  On was when I was leaving the mall before the captive terrorist died. the other was while I was trying to protect the marines while they were exiting the bankto get to the helicopeter. I was in the tank biot times I had to look down to avoid complete whiteout so I could notsee wahat I was shooting at???


  • Madluke1

    I can not continue my camapain due to the “connection with the server was lost error”  But Icanget on multiplayer just firne????


  • every time I try to go online on battlefield 3 these days it just instantly stop’s at joining server and keeps on telling me that there’s something wrong with my internet when there isn’t. and this happen’s every time I go online 🙁

  • every time I try to go online on battlefield 3 these days it just instantly stop’s at joining server and keeps on telling me that there’s something wrong with my internet when there isn’t. and this happen’s every time I go online 🙁

  • sQte

    When I join the game through the bf3log, i can play for 5min. and then it tab me out on the desktop and shut the game top, and then i can start over.. :S

  • Ant Baggott_avfc

    When playing online on my Xbox if I die then it won’t let me get back into the game an I lose all my stuff I’ve unlocked if I quit it. And it won’t save my guns, i set one up on my soldier page then get different ones when I start playing. Anyone else having this trouble?

  • MONEYback@

    this is bs, i want my moneyback!

  • Anonymous

    I played Black Op’s minutes after midnight on the release date and did not have any issues. MW/COD series have been solid with the exception of COD4 which was the worst for trying to play with a party. KZ3 is rock solid playing on line. I have never been a fan of EA games, if it were not for my Son I would have not bought it.

  • Anonymous

    I hope it does not turn into a charlie foxtrot like Homefront.

  • Nellak111

    I am trying to play it on Ps3. I keep getting the boot every few minutes, and that’s if I can get on at all. Mama mia!

  • cfeen8653

    never mind c ya

  • cfeen8653

    wtf I want some compensation. I got home, cooked, and cleaned, even gotta brew so I could sit back and play the sss outs this game and NOTHING!!!!

  • Demonairsoft

    Ya its cool that we all get ripped and screwed building server systems that for some reason dont want to work and we cant play this bad ass game the way it was ment to be played game companies need to guarinty online play if thay advertise on line play.

  • lobosps

    I got to play one round today then I got booted. Now it’s saying my network latency or bandwidth is affecting my connection. It worked great for three hours yesterday. Why is today different?

  • Jivin_hipcat

    I was able to play for a few hours but now I get the “failed to connect to EA servers” message. The game rocks, but if they want to kill COD with this game they have to at least make sure we are able to play it.

  • Mike

    I’m finally in, should be long for the rest of you

  • Ps3*

  • Im just getting the “Failed to connect to EA. Please try again” if theres any fix to it, which i totally doubt please let me know

  • the game is always freezing in campaign right after finishing the train and freezes loading right after. I have tried everything from hard reset to getting a new copy and also trying to play on a bare profile(thinking the trophy load was messin it up as it has froze there also.) I am so p^^sed that I cant even play the game at ALL. And its not an internet issue either as I shouldnt need to play campaign. As far as multiplayer it doesnt work either, so far all I have is a 60$ piece of plastic thats not even worth $.60….. All my other games work no problem. Both brand new and old! SO WATS UP?????

  • john

    ive been able to play 2 games at most w/o it booting me or having connection problems.  today i havent been able to get on at all :/. xbox

    • john

      and the most frustrating thing is my friend is able to play and i cant even tho i have no internet problems with any other game (i only bought this game to play with him)

  • Jon

    It’s well over my 10th try today attemping to start a “quick match”! starts to load then Error! you have lost connection to the session! i don’t think it could be my xbox because live is working just fine with everything else….. and like i said. worked better yesterday actually got to play a couple games!

  • Jon

    Still can’t get into a game. Starts loading then connection fails. Had better luck yesterday, when about 1 every 3 tries i got into a game!

    • Jon

      On Xbox by the way

  • Steffan

    Ps3 connection problems, there is but one server I can log into. 

  • lu7ky

    i can get on orign, conect to ea, but when trying to connect to a server or coop its just endless “connecting to server/players”

  • Ashley

    I am getting lost connection to server on ps3 and then if i try again it says you have lost connection to the session or failed to join squad

  • Sam

    I dont know, I’m on PC and I can’t even play the game more than 1 min without it crashing my pc. I’m not being to bothered anyway. It took about 1 month for crysis 2 to properly work. I just hope they get their sh*t together and fix the freaking game. Big games like that shouldn’t be plagued with so much bugs. I’m not suppose to get use to waiting a while before playing a game properly. I know I will never get those problems with Uncharted 3!

  • Shit’s going down

    this sucks
    i m having this losing connection issue on ps3how can a final product fail to deliver consistency?!!
    o btw, what’s up with battle log not accepting my account

    • Alan Ng

      Yeah, forgot to mention above..We’re also having problems getting Battlelog to accept account. We have heard that it only works with an EA origin account, which we hope isn’t true.. will clear up soon.

  • Krick Andrew

    Yep definitely haging issues on the PS3. C’MON EA! Dont hype up a game this much if your gonna suck this bad a single day after launch. This $#!T is just UN professional.

  • Oklas_own_5eighty

    hurr the funk up mane! somebody needs to die like yesterday!

  • Ngarcia2325

    battle log wont even accept my account. havent experienced online gaming yet. am i the only one? this is a ridiculous waist of money

    • Jmendoza89

      I am still having problems with the ps3

    • lobosps

      I had to change my password then it worked fine.

  • tony

    Actually, It is possible to have a launch without these problems. Just take out the need to check back with the servers in the damn first place. Chipped consoles tend to get blocked these days by the manufacturers, there is no need for this nazy drm on EAs part. They must know this would most likely happen, as you said, it isn’t the first time, yet they still continue down this road. I find it amazing that people still keep supporting EA.


    PS3 Keeps telling me ‘You have lost connection to the session’ even if I use server browser to find a game!