MW3 to outsell Battlefield 3 by 2:1 – Gamers Vs Industry experts

As most of you may be already playing your fresh copy of Battlefield 3, the war of words with Modern Warfare 3 has continued, this time with infamous industry analyst Michael Pachter giving his thoughts on the inevitable sales battle between the two games.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Pachter was even confident enough to dish out predictions of early sales figures for BF3 and MW3. While he believes that many gamers will buy both games, he thinks that Activision will outsell EA by double – as many as 12 million copies of Modern Warfare 3 in comparison to Battlefield 3, which Pachter thinks will only sell around 8 million.

Pachter has also offered his thoughts on Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 sales predictions for the following year. While there will be an inevitable decline in demand for both games, Pachter still thinks that Modern Warfare 3 will manage a further 8 million sales, compared to Battlefield 3 which will just manage another 2 million sales in 2012 according to his words.

Pachter’s crystal ball visions are often the source of considerable debate amongst gamers, with many preferring to take his predictions with a huge pinch of salt. We will say though that a lot of you are bound to disagree

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