MW3 Prestige Shop info, Prestige token limit from previous games

By Jamie Pert - Oct 25, 2011

You may remember an article which we posted recently where we spoke about Modern Warfare 3’s Prestige Shop and the fact that if you entered Prestige Mode when playing previous CoD games you would get Prestige Tokens upon playing MW3 – well today we have some important information for you.

Recently Infinity Ward’s community manager, Robert Bowling (aka FourZeroTwo), cleared up a common misconception relating to just how many Prestige Tokens gamers would receive when they kick off their MW3 multiplayer career – you are in fact limited to one per game.

The tweet below (from FourZeroTwo) clearly states that you are limited to 1 token per previous game, there have been four CoD games which allow you to enter Prestige Mode (Modern Warfare, World at War, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops) – so the maximum amount of tokens you will be able get is 4. Some were hoping you would get 1 token per time you prestiged, which meant hardcore CoD fans could start with up to 45 tokens, this is not the case.

Yes, if you’re prestiging in #MW3 – you only get 1 token Max for previous games though.

You can see what you can spend your Prestige Tokens on here, we can also confirm that gamers will not be able to buy tokens for real money from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace or Steam etc – instead they have to be earned. You can see the tweet which confirmed this below, we are glad that the Infinity Ward team is not cashing in on this by selling Prestige Tokens – this way gamers get their rewards by putting the hours in.

No, Token are only earned, and used in the Prestige Shop

Finally we can confirm that you must play at least one game after entering Prestige Mode to get your token, this allows the MW3 servers to authenticate – likewise if you never bothered prestiging when playing previous CoD games you should load them up, enter Prestige Mode and then play at least one game to ensure that you get your token in MW3 – let’s hope you kept hold of your old CoD games!

Do you still have any other questions about the Prestige Shop or Prestige Tokens? If so, feel free to leave your queries in the comments section below.

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  • Blake

    I just prestiged in CoD4, played a few games, then went  to MW3, and i didnt have my token. why is this? D:

  • kerrry

    yes i prestiged in COD4 yet havent received my prestige token and yes ive played MANY more games after prestiging yet STILL havent received it. any info for the delay?

    • Kingeagle123

      try contactings activision. it takes a coupke of days to register

  • jacksteramazing

    can you carry a prestige token through another prestige if you have not used it?

    • Devin031099


  • Cali07427

    Why pay for new map packs when they should already be on the Game when i Bought it

  • Cali07427

    Whats up with the Lame 2 hour xp crap.We log in all these hours playing MW3.It should be changed to 2day xp or something.          AND 
     When your rank cant go any Higher cause your at max Prestige Do u recieve any tokens or just 1

  • Thomas

        Do you get a token after reaching the 10th prestige on MW3 ? 

  • Breehltrevor

    Do u have to prestige in the previous games before mw3 comes out?

  • Joey Bussone

    i prestiged in mw2 but didnt get my token???

  • Chanye002

    how many prestige tokens can i hold on to? is there a max limit?

  • Soulomfort-gag-

    ok i prestieged in waw mw2 and black ops on pc but never got any tokens for them in mw3 how can i get my tokens?

    • Noemail

      Again the pc players are being fucked in the ass by activision. it’s only for ps3 and xbox. and they never even stopped to tell us that.

    • Noemail

      Again the pc players are being fucked in the ass by activision. it’s only for ps3 and xbox. and they never even stopped to tell us that.

  • Mattmiller3535

    Tanners a fagoot

  • Don Vito36

    i love men -matt miller

  • me and my husband play on the same console and have two seperate accounts but i cant get a token for mw3 even tho i have prestiged on both 360 and ps3

  • Tcservak

    so just be clear i don’t have to go all the way to 15 on black ops? i can stay at 14( i like the symbol) and still get the token?

  • what if i prestige after mw3 is released. can i still get a token from previous games

    • Kingeagle123


  • Rowi3

    Im already top prestige in all COD games? how do i get it?

  • Kskell32

    if i were to prestige this weekend in black ops would i not get the token? does mw3 need to be out when i prestige for me to get the token?

    • random person

      No, you dont need to prestige when mw3 comes out to get the token. Infact, you need to prestige BEFORE mw3 comes out. If you have already prestiged in black ops, you will receive 1 token

  • yayaya

    This STILL doesn’t make me want to prestige.  I never have in any of the other games and always thought it was pointless, still do.

    So they’re saying you get to earn prestige tokens so you can buy double XP for a couple hours?  Big deal! XP just mean you can prestige faster? 

    COD give me a REAL reason to prestige…

    • People who DONT prestige are just lame.  If you were any good, you could get just as many kills with an M16 as you could a Commando.  If you’re scared, go to church…

      • b@man

        BS, there is no reason to prestige. I never did with MW2 and I benefited the whole time with all the weapons, perks, etc. I don’t need any extra classes. I don’t use the ones I have. Do you and your team a favor and never prestige. So you lose XP… who cares?

  • Alexgarcia209

    What if ur already the highest prestige in all of the call of duty games

    • random person

      you will get 1 token for each of those cod games 😉

      • Ajt0401

        Uum ok I have a question I was lvl 49 friday afternoon and prestiged later that day and I was wonder is anything supposed to like pop up and say that you got your token?

        • Joshcanham

          no it wouldnt…   what i want to kno is do you have to prestige on double xp weekend or can it b any time b4 mw3 release

  • PopCorn

    What if you accidently got modded to 11th prestige. Will you get still get a prestige token?

  • Thatguywhofartsalot

    @d8522d6d146c4210d1304c3a14f3e335:disqus basicially if you have played any of the following titles Call of duty Modern Warfare/2, World at War or Black Ops you will recieve something called a prestige point, prestige points allow you to gain a reward perk for your next prestige,for example being able to keep a weapon or having double experience for a small amount of time

  • Chris

    I don’t get this?