Elder Scrolls V Skyrim bombshell – Dragon summons

By Alan Ng - Oct 25, 2011

We have further details on Skyrim to share with you now, as it has been revealed that Dragonborn, the main hero in the game will actually be able to call on a dragon to aid him in battle, once the player reaches a certain stage of the game.

As most of you know, the dragons will be some of the most lethal foes that you’ll come across in game, with Todd Howard recently confirming that there will be a total of six dragons contained in the game identified by color, and then separate dragons which are identified by specific names.

In the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, Skyrim was the main highlight and Todd Howard dropped a huge bombshell in the game about the dragons. At one stage in the game, you’ll actually be able to get a dragon to help you and assist you in battle, no matter where you are in the world.

Howard states ”We debated whether or not we would reveal this, but there is a point in the game where you earn the allegiance of one of these other dragons, who is named. When you have the allegiance of this dragon you can shout and call his name to the sky, and then where he is in the world he will fly and come and help you.”

It means that for example, when you are fighting a battle against a random dragon, you’ll actually be able to summon your own dragon to take on the other dragon – sounds pretty epic doesn’t it?

Perhaps this reveal would have been better off as a secret, but now that Bethesda has put it out there – we may as well get discuss and get excited about it. For months we have thought that the dragons would only serve as enemies, but now you’ll actually be able to summon one yourself. You can watch the full Skyrim reveal on GTTV here if you’re interested – it’s well worth a watch.

Did you expect dragons to help you in the game? Give us your thoughts on this revelation.

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  • Dave

    This is awesome; but we still don’t know whether we’ll be able to call for him indefinitely or just till the main quest ends.

  • batmansbrother

     “a total of six dragons contained in thegame identified by color, and then separate dragons which are identified by specific names”… does this mean the are 6 ‘types’ of dragon? the are how many shouts each needing a dragon soul? so we can’t have all the shouts?? hmm

    • Fishbird42

      No its 6 types of dragon.  Since Dragons are randomly generated there are actualy an infinite number

      • batmansbrother

        i hope (and i think ) so but “a total of 6 dragons contained in the game identified by color” it’s the wording.. that says the are only 6! (+the named) anyway i can’t wait!

  • Steve

    Actualy this is news to me as it is the first time ive heard you could call a dragon

  • Anonymous

    This is not news.

    • Alan Ng

      Are you speaking on behalf of every Skyrim fan who hasn’t heard about this then? If so, that’s just plain selfish..

      We inform fans about Skyrim details whenever we come across them..they may be old news to some, but in most cases, our readers generally appreciate the updates.

      • Guest

        I saw several posts on Google that this was revealed several days ago. So, Old News is still Old News.