Droid Bionic gets Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update, Droid X still waiting

By Alan Ng - Oct 25, 2011

We have further Ice Cream Sandwich update gossip to share with you now, and it is good news for Droid Bionic users. Motorola has just confirmed that the seemingly forgotten about handset will also be granted a ticket into Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich delights.

Is ”seemingly forgotten” a fair tagline for the Bionic? A few months ago, it was the most anticipated Android handset in history – until Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus rumors started to take over. Now as we move into 2012, it looks certain that the Bionic will be pushed into third place in Verizon’s pecking order after the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Droid RAZR.

The good news for owners though, is that you’ll be getting the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Motorola has just issued an update to their Twitter account informing everyone abou the news, and also confirming once again that the Motorola RAZR and Xoom tablet will get Ice Cream Sandwich again, just like we told you here and here.

Here is the message that they put on Twitter, as reported from Droid-Life:

”@nightdragon70 DROID BIONIC will get an upgrade to ICS. We’ll have more info on timing after Google releases the final version”

As for other Android handsets aside from the Droid Bionic, Nexus S and Droid RAZR that have already been confirmed, Motorola wasn’t prepared to be so open about forthcoming updates. When quizzed on whether or not the Droid X would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, Motorola had this to say in response:

”@snakesnake449 We’ll release devices to get the ICS upgrade 6 weeks after Google’s public push. Hope this helps!”

Motorola and Verizon are pretty solid when it comes to updating handsets, so we’re guessing that the Droid X will definitely get Ice Cream Sandwich at some point. If the handset does get the update, you would feel that the likes of the Droid2, Droid Pro, Droid 3 and Droid X2 will also be getting the update. It is obviously an anxious wait though – many of you have probably just decided to go for the Galaxy Nexus rather than hold out for an update that may never happen.

Do you own the Bionic or another Droid device on Verizon?

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  • Supaj69

    Any Android system with current GB 2.3 or better will be able to handle ICS 4.0 and has nothing to do with single our dual core.

  • Quijimo2001

    Or just root and install Cyanogen.  

  • Will the Droid X be able to handle Ice Cream Sandwich since it is a single core phone? 

  • Tobias3230

    …and if droid x doesn’t, it will be the last motorola i buy….

    • Joel95691

      Same here bud.

  • IAmSoStewped

    Soooo… this means that DROID X is getting the update for IceCream Sandwich!? Right? if it is ill be the happiest man with my DROID X. ^_____^

  • Ffitchner

    I still say with the extremely slow push to froyo on the galaxy fascinate they owe us a release. I think we would settle for gingerbread but for what they did with froyo I think they could make right by pushing ice cream Sandwich.