Skyrim Vs Battlefield 3: Bethesda’s live action trailer puts EA to shame

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2011

With just over two weeks to go until the global release date of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, it looks as if Bethesda has one last treat for gamers, and my word this is pretty spectacular. The developer has just unleashed a live-action trailer for the upcoming RPG, and we have to say that it puts a recent EA FPS live-action trailer to shame.

Yes, you all know what we’re talking about – a live-action trailer that EA DICE released for Battlefield 3 just a few days ago that had us all pumped up and in awe of the mix between live-action and gameplay that Battlefield 3 included in the trailer – then came along Bethesda with their effort.

We have just watched it, and to say it’s good is an understatement – it is fantastic, regardless of whether you are an Elder Scrolls fan or not. During the clip we see an Elder Scrolls-like town fleeing from an incoming dragon, except one man who refuses to move – Dragonborn, who opts to take the dragon on with his trusty blade in hand.

In true-Bethesda fashion, an epic orchestrated music track accompanies the footage to add to the intensity of the situation, and coming in at just 1 minute in length – it brilliantly leaves the viewer wanting to see more.

This may be seen as slightly harsh for those that enjoyed EA’s Battlefield 3 live-action trailer, but we have to say that Bethesda has well and truly outdone them on this occasion – would you agree? The last scene showing Dragonborn and the dragon is particularly special and almost looks as if it is in-game footage – we can’t actually tell but it really seems like it.

Check out the video for yourself below and prepare to have your mind blown – We’ve added the Battlefield 3 live trailer below as well just for fun. On a side note you can check out our earlier debate on whether Skyrim has been made to be more easier than Oblivion this time around.

Which trailer is better in your opinion – BF3 or Skyrim?

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  • Gunsareforwimps

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  • Silly. Yeah, we know Skyrim’s live action was better, but i’m not in a mood for some silly debate of “ZOMG skyrim vs. BF3” Seriously though, this is getting out of hand. I sick of two completely random games of different ideas and concepts getting compared. Even if thats not what the Article is about, people might take this the wrong way :/.

    Still though, the Skyrim trailer… amazing. 

  • BerserkIdiot

    As much as you feeble-minded people would hope, in-game footage is nowhere near the quality of that video. The closest you could get to that level of realism is if you played it at 2560×1600 at 8x(or more) anti-aliasing. Even then, the game would still be more than an arm’s reach away from the trailer, simply because the game’s engine and technology just isn’t up there yet.

    Graphics aside, hopefully the game plays out at least a bit like this trailer.   

  • Wenier172

    Jesus christ dragons and swords, what are you people 8 years old?

    • Guest

      Nice tag. What are you, 5 years old?

    • Krazee Mon

      And you don’t think that shooters like Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 aren’t chocked full of fantasy elements like super human endurance, fantasy perks, and unrealistic ballistics and damage effects?  These shooters are not so different from a bunch of 8 year-olds running around the neighborhood playing guns and shouting “You’re dead…  I Got you!” at each other (something we often did back when I was a kid since 3D shooters did not yet exist).  Try serving in your country’s military in an active combat zone, in actual combat, and then run a comparison with such games; you’ll then understand how “fantastical” they really are.  Me, I prefer my fantasy to look and feel like fantasy.  

      By the way, can you really say that you never saw the Lord of the Rings trilogy and that you hated it?

    • What are you 100 years old?

      • Sean Smith

        I’m 50 and I think it’s awesome.

    • Mount&BladeMaster

      Gun games are so frequent and tedious, Open world fantasy games will enable a thorough breathtaking experiance. Guns are for cowards who cant bother to fight someone and only hide behind something, rubbish trash , truly the soul is inside the sword. watch that guns will be replaced by traditional long bows and arrows as gunpowder runs out, keep it simple. A sword does not need reloading. Damn guns look ugly.

      • lestweforget

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    • Jim

      Jesus painting what are you 8 years old?  Jesus writing fiction novels what are you 8 years old?  Jesus creating awesome computer games what are you 8 years old?

      I’ll tell ya, there are some rich mother effin 8 year olds out there.