Has Bethesda made Skyrim too easy with new spells / shouts?

It looks like things just got a whole lot easier for new players in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, as new dragon shout spells will allow players to freeze an entire group of enemies in one hit, decreasing the chance of you having to run for your life as you perhaps did in Oblivion.

Bethesda has showcased a new gameplay video over the last few days, showing various ways to takedown the enemy. One of these ways which Bethesda chose to focus on, was a new frost type of dragon shout, as you can see in the video below.

We’re not sure how far in the game players can gain access to this shout, but it does seem like one of the best and useful spells to use in the game, as one usage can render the enemy completely useless for a period of time, allowing players to quickly finish the job without getting damage in return.

We feel particularly sorry for the massive bear at 0.30 who tries to intimidate the player, but after one of these new spells, you’ll see the bear just freeze instantly, which although we didn’t see it in the video, we’re guessing the player can just finish off quickly.

Is there perhaps a danger of Skyrim being slightly too easy with spells like this in the game? Bethesda has said that they want to make the game more accessible to everyone this time around, but we hope that access to these spells doesn’t come at the very start of the game as it would obviously make things too easy with access to an instant paralysis spell that can hit an entire group of enemies.

Having said that, there is likely to be a harder difficuly option for those that require it, so perhaps Bethesda will be accomodating those who wish for a harder challenge in that way. Watch the clip below and let us know what you think of this new frost shout.

We certainly didn’t see that in Oblivion, did we?



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