Galaxy Nexus Sprint release and iPhone 4S dilemma

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2011

If you thought that the upcoming Galaxy Nexus would be exclusive to Verizon, think again as we have fresh information that the handset could be landing on Sprint as well sometime next month. We bet Sprint customers didn’t expect to see Google’s new superphone on their network.

At the moment, there are no official release dates for the Galaxy Nexus, and with Verizon the only US carrier to confirm official availability for the Galaxy Nexus, it is still very much up in the air as to whether the Galaxy Nexus will release on T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint as well.

The chances of the handset landing on Sprint just multiplied considerably, as a image revealed by BriefMobile appears to show a packing list document that states that the Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus is arriving soon.

However, the authenticity of the document has been called into question since it still lists the Galaxy Nexus as the ‘Nexus Prime’ and has a date of October 17th mentioned, despite the handset being unveiled by Google on October 19th.

If Sprint does get the Galaxy Nexus, it will be very interesting to see what networks their version will support. Many eyebrows were raised when the iPhone 4S was announced for Sprint, but with no 4G WiMAX support. Will the same thing happen with the Galaxy Nexus, more importantly – would you still be willing to purchase a 3G-only Galaxy Nexus?

Until Sprint announces this officially, it’s all speculation of course and who knows, the document mentioned above could be a fake since it’s fairly easily to achieve with some basic photoshop skills. Considering that Google failed to announce solid carriers at their event in Hong Kong, we have a feeling that the Galaxy Nexus could be landing on all major carriers in the US – that would be great for everyone obviously.

Would you prefer the Galaxy Nexus over the iPhone 4S on Sprint, should it become available?

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  • Cfer


  • Anonymous

    I would in a heart beat. The 4g works like crap on the evo 4g anyway. As soon as it switches from 3g to 4g dynamically the apps freak out.
    Also 4G callback isn’t reliable as some apps don’t get the response they require back to detect that there is network connectivity. So if it comes to Sprint with LTE I will switch.

  • Anonymous

    If the Galaxy Nexus came to Sprint without 4G but WITH a quadband GSM radio and removable SIM for world travel, yes I would get it. I spend winters in Panama and need a world phone, If nothing else comes out I will be getting a Photon 4G in November just before I head south. I like the iPhone 4S, but SIM in non-removable so its a non-starter. I aint paying Sprints roaming charges while I am gone, I buy local prepaid SIMS

  • Ernest Davis

    Whatever…at this rate I’ll just wait for the next EVO to finally replace the King …EVO 4G

  • ssjmole55

    Would you prefer the Galaxy Nexus over the iPhone 4S on Sprint, should it become available?   YES!!!

    • Anonymous

      me too

  • I would buy a 3g version