Console Battlefield 3 really does have stuff missing, but HD pack is great

If you raised an eyebrow or two over the confirmation of an HD texture pack for the console versions of Battlefield 3, don’t miss this as we have a few screenshots to show you which gives you an idea of the exact differences in quality if the pack is installed.

Last week, a Rendering Architect over at DICE stated that the console versions of Battlefield 3 will have a ‘lot of stuff missing’, which didn’t go down too well with Xbox 360 or PS3 owners as you can imagine.

Two screenshots we have below shows you exactly what he meant by having stuff missing, as you can clearly see that the ladder on the screenshot without the HD pack installed seems to have disappeared. Here are both images, courtesy of GameZone.

[No pack? No ladder.]

You have to agree that the image without the pack looks pretty shocking compared to the one with the HD pack – just look at the gun model and his fingers. The great news however, is that the texture pack looks to improve visuals significantly, and we’d even go as far to say as visuals with the HD texture pack look comparable to the PC version, judging by this screenshot alone.

Since the majority of console Battlefield 3 players will be able to install the pack, it looks like there isn’t going to be any huge complaints with the graphics, as the texture pack image looks fantastic here. We’re also surprised to see that the pack alters the graphics completely as well, not just improve them, as seen in the weapon differences which now has a red dot sight in the texture pack, compared to the non-hd shot which just has an ugly jag-ridden model.

What are your thoughts on the graphics differences with the HD pack installed – Are you surprised at the level of quality? Battlefield 3 releases at the end of this week, not long to go now folks!



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