Battlefield 3 unboxing video contains one big surprise

We apologise in advance for the frequent stream of Battlefield 3 related content, but with the global launch coming up this week week, you can imagine that there’s a ton of juicy info regarding reviews, final graphics conclusions, early leaked copies and surprises – just like one we have for you now.

We have just watched one of the main unboxing videos that are now starting to appear online, as it has become apparent that many users have already received their copies, almost a week before release – how very annoying.

Anyway, back to the suprise though as it looks like EA has dropped a big teaser about a possible new Medal of Honor game, which prior to this unveil – nobody knew nothing about. Check out the flyer below that you’ll receive in your copy of the game:

We’re guessing that the number 1 relates to Tier 1, and the website that the flyer advises you to visit is currently still advertising the stanard Medal of Honor game, with no signs of the poster that you see above.

Could we be seeing a new Medal of Honor game announcement before the end of the year perhaps? – We expect so, if EA DICE has gone to such lengths as to include the teaser with all fresh copies of BF3. The question is though – will gamers treat a new MoH game with such enthusiasm after the first game? The multiplayer portion of the game was criticized by many, although a lot of gamers seemed to enjoy the single-player campaign in MoH.

If we had to choose between a new Medal of Honor game or a brand new Bad Company game, we would have to choose Bad Company for sure. Have you received your copy of Battlefield 3 early? If so, let us know if you got the Medal of Honor flyer as well.



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