Battlefield 3: HD texture pack size – Separate disc needs just 1.5GB?

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2011

Earlier on we gave you an example of how the graphics differ between the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3, depending on if you have the optional HD texture pack installed on the console or not. Now we have a confirmation of how much space the pack is going to take up on your HDD.

We’re pleased to say that it is good news. According to an image posted online from a user who seemingly has an early copy of the game, it has been reported everywhere that the install size for the HD pack is just 1.5GB.

Considering that DICE stated that this optional install will come on a separate DVD disc on Xbox 360, we’re very surprised at the install coming in at just 1.5GB – we expected this to be much higher.

Having said that, it’s great for those of you who have almost maxed out your HDD and were expecting a huge install size too. Everyone should have no problems fitting an extra 1.5GB on the disc, and judging by the quality of the screenshots here, it looks like a win win situation for Xbox 360 owners.

Interestingly, the screenshot showing the size also reveals that Battlefield 3 has an instant title update ready to install at launch. The game doesn’t release until Friday of course, but we bet there’s a few thousand who have already started to rank up on EA’s servers – we’re very jealous obviously.

DICE initially said that the update would be available on a separate disc compared to the PS3 version shipping on one Blu-Ray, so we’re a bit confused as to why this is showing as Marketplace content – perhaps DICE will clear that up for us this week before the game goes live.

Are you surprised that the HD texture pack is just 1.5GB in size only? We have to admit, we were expecting something like 10GB or similar, given the big fuss made about the optional install. Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Dynasty2021

    Nice to see some console love from DICE after the disaster graphics of the beta.  Understandable why they did it, server testing and all, but it definitely put alot of console owners off.

    I downloaded it for PC (the beta), and while that was firing up, started the download for my PS3.  Played the beta on PC, fell in love, simply couldnt believe the graphics, the sound, everything.  It was orgasmic.

    Then I tried the PS3 version, just to see if it felt all that different on a console as I had played 300+ hours of Bad Company 2 on my PS3…and my first reaction was literally a laugh out loud.  Talk about looking pretty bad. 

    And I feel sorry for DICE, having to defend themselves with no release-able proof.  Everyone claiming the game looks terrible, yet for whatever reason DICE couldnt prove them wrong.  That must have been so frustrating.

    And now, the screenshots and reviews coming in (well, they’re almost entirely PC reviews) prove that the console versions dont actually look that far off from PC is testimony to DICE’s greatness.

    I watched some of the ‘leaked’ first 21 minute footage of the campaign and some multiplayer footage from the GeForce LAN event where one of the game’s devs was there playing, sucking at his own game and commentating, and it genuinely took me a minute or 2 to realise ‘hang on, this is 360 footage.  Wow, this looks great.’

    PC version obviously looks better, 360 owners will brag that it’s ‘not much better though’, but they have a right to be wrong I guess.  In fact, I think this will set the new benchmark from Crysis.  Crysis was about Hardware, BF3 is about how gorgeous you can make a game look, and as far as Im concerned, Crysis has a run for its money for Crysis 3.  They better blow everyone away, as Crysis 2 on the PS3 does, and still does, look pretty poor in comparison.