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Apple TVs already being tested release 2012?

There has been talk of Apple entering the TV market for years now, which was recently heightened with talk of 1080p content arriving on iTunes. Now there is more speculation that Apple TVs are already being tested with a possible release in 2012.

This latest speculation has come to light following comments that are featured in the Steve Jobs biography. In it he says he would like to create an integrated television set, and he goes o to say he “finally cracked it”. CNN Money are reporting that Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray thinks that the code that Jobs finally cracked could be combining live television shows with ones previously stored with iCloud.

Munster is also claiming that Apple are investing in factories and supplies for LCD displays that may range from 3.5-inch to 50-inch. Only last month he is claiming to have met an Asian component supplier who suggested that prototypes of the TVs were already in the works. There have also been some recent Apple patents that related to TV technology.

He also feels that in 2012 out of the estimated 220 million flat panel TVs that may be sold, around 106 million of these will be internet connected with Apple accounting for a possible 1.4 million units. There will be many consumers that would be interested in any Apple branded TV, as currently it only offers a set top box.

But as more of Apple’s devices get more closely integrated with iOS 5 and iCloud, an Apple TV would be the next logical step for the company. Would you like to see an Apple branded TV?



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