Apple iPad 3 needed as Android market share grows?

By Gary Johnson - Oct 23, 2011

The tablet market has been dominated by the iPad since it was first released last year, which has seen many other devices coming to market to fall by the way side. It has not all been about failure though regarding Android tablets, devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer have done relatively well. So will the Apple iPad 3 be needed as Android market share grows?

According to a report on Bloomberg sales of Android tablets climbed during the last quarter at the expense of the iPad. During the three month period sales of the platform jumped up to 27% of global sales compared to only 2.3% a year ago.

Meanwhile the iPad share dropped from 96% to 67% during the same period. Apple’s rivals are relying on the Android platform to help them break the stranglehold the company has in the tablet sector. Things are set to heat up as Amazon joins the party with its Kindle Fire device, which is priced a lot lower than the iPad.

Samsung who have seen their devices blocked in certain countries with the ongoing patent dispute with Apple, were the biggest seller of Android tablets with a 9% market share. Acer and Motorola followed Samsung regarding sales.

Sales of tablets as a whole achieved 16.7 million units that was a massive leap up from 4.4 million units shifted the previous year. The Android challenge was raised a few days ago with the official launch of the Ice Cream Sandwich Android update that has been designed to work on tablets and smartphones.

Do you think the Apple iPad has anything to worry about from the competition?

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  • Especially, when Apple continue it’s closed market attitude, like the Machintosh 256, 512, disk 720 and 1.44 not compatible, now IPAD with one connector no memory extension…
    Now, it’s the Flash… Meaning you must have a PC to read most of your e-mails…
    IPad-2 more expensive than Android Competition, and Camera Resolution, sucks.
    So they better hurry-up.

    I’m not saying it’s bad product, I’m saying Competition is giving more and more openness feature…

  • Woody

    No. These numbers are bogus.

  • Ffitchner

    YES. Apple has lost market share % and will continue to do so as the android tablets keep coming out especially as the market saturates and prices continue to drop.