MW3 Prestige Shop, tokens and unlocks explained

By Jamie Pert - Oct 22, 2011

One thing which has always been debatable when it comes to Call of Duty multiplayer is whether or not to prestige, well recently Robert Bowling (Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist) spoke about Modern Warfare 3’s Prestige Shop in some detail – and by the looks of it there really will be reasons to prestige this time around.

Previously there have been some minor reasons to prestige, however the benefits have been quite minimal, it looks like Infinity Ward has listened to consumer feedback and decided to give gamers a reason to enter prestige mode – here’s a quick run through of what you get in MW3 if you prestige.

Each time you prestige you get a prestige token, these can be spent on a certain reward at the Prestige Shop, meaning that you are in control of what you get. We don’t have a full list of rewards, however we are told options available include an extra create-a-class, 2 hours of double XP (seems a bit stingy to us), double weapon XP (we’re not sure how long this lasts for) and there will also be exclusive titles and emblems to unlock.

That’s not all though, we have saved the best until last, a prestige token will also “Unlock one item from custom class that you can carry through the rest of the prestige level”, we guess this means that you could perhaps start with your favorite weapon / equipment from the game – which is great news for fans of guns etc which you unlock late into the game. Finally if you reach maximum prestige there will be one item in the prestige shop which will allow you to reset all your stats and start again.

Not only will you unlock prestige tokens when you prestige in MW3, but veteran CoD gamers will be rewarded, so if you prestiged in CoD4, World at War, Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops you will have some prestige tokens to spend as soon as you start playing MW3. Currently we are unsure as to whether you get 1 prestige token per game that you prestiged on, or perhaps 1 prestige token per time you prestiged – if it is the latter some gamers could start with 45 tokens!

To give you time to prestige on past titles we can confirm that starting yesterday the entire Call of Duty franchise has double XP switched on, so get playing!

Check out this link to see the video which revealed this news.

Which reward will you take advantage of?

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  • how do you get tokens?

  • chris

    if u pick lets say ….. the MP7 when u prestige. When u prestige next does it go away or stay??

  • Badmf

    I am only at level 20 haven’y benn playing long, maps are huge and hard to remember so my KDR isn’t worth mentioning, I haven’t gotten a feel for the maps even though I played some more than once. Liberation was sweet but I kept getting roasted once I respawned, any help is appreciated, tired of hurting my teamates, thanks i advance!!

    • Elainem33

      how you get on 15 p on mw3

  • Badmf

    Whats the best use of the token? No smartarses or I’ll krush ytou online

  • Mark0139

    on token per game

  • Andrew-rules

    When do u have to prestige by

  • Tom

    i am level seventeen in cod 5 and prestiged a while back, if i then play one game of cod 5, will i get a token, or do i have to have prestiged while double XP was on?

  • Thelasttruedemon

    if we allready prestiged in a game do we have to re-prestige or since we all ready prestiged will it count

    • Skdokwd

      nah one prestige token per cod game so if u prestiged just once u good and if u did it in the other cods then u get a token for each.

  • Ghkfcighkjfcgfhkjcgfhkjc

    Are you retarted why would they give you 45 tokens you couldnt even spend all them what u gonna have 50 custom classes? it will be either 1 per game prestiged or one if you have prestiged in ALL of them.

    • Derp

      nobody said that each thing costed 1 token smart ass, some things like custom classes might cost more then 1 token. nobody said you were awarded 1 token per prestige on MW3 either, you might get more.

    • Tattooedup30

      For some reason I have a sence that this guy is a rage quitter.  He’s already raging on a game that hasn’t even been released yet.  Can’t wait to go one  on one with you bro.

  • Nrsz


    • Adam

      will my challenge points double if I use my token on double XP? (ex) when you get hard line pro you get 10000 points, will I get 20000 if I use my token on double XP