Xbox 720 aims for Xmas 2013 launch window

By Chris Cook - Oct 21, 2011

It was not so long ago that news that the Microsoft team were in fact working on a predecessor for the Xbox 360 was first revealed. Further rumors began suggesting the Xbox 720 would come out before the next Sony console, the PS4 which has also been reported to be in development. Now rumors are indicating that the unannounced Microsoft console aims for a Xmas 2013 launch window.

The news comes from the site Develop, who are well respected in the industry. They are claiming several plans for the Xbox 720 are already in production including Fable Next, a new game from Lionhead which is expected to launch with the next generation console. They have even gone as far as to say when the console will be officially unveiled, pointing to E3 2013 as the event where it will happen.

They say a Xmas launch would inevitably follow, although an early 2014 release could also be a possibility. The site gained their information from several sources ‘from processor chip manufacturers to middleware firms.’ Apparently EA has begun developing for the Xbox 720, although they deny having the technology in-house.

Xbox World also claims they have heard next-gen games are being prepped by certain ‘Microsoft friendly developers’ including Remedy, Turn 10 and Rare, as well as Lionhead. Preliminary work has also been reported to be taking place on the PS4, although it is not likely we will be seeing a new Sony console until 2014, despite the cycle pointing to a release next year. Many believe that patience with the design is key to success and is more important than rushing out the next console.

When do you think we will be seeing these two consoles? Which do you think will release first?

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  • I dunno… 720 is kinda the low end of HD… I would think they would have code-named it or something.

  • Cookie

    All hail the Xstation! lol (if ever! lol)