Skyrim Vs Veterans Day 2011: Bethesda approves daughter skipping school

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2011

We have a very amusing story to share with you now, as it has been revealed that a father has sent a letter in to a school teacher, informing him that his daughter will be unable to attend school and Veteran’s Day 2011 activities because she will be too busy playing Skyrim.

We’re not making this up either, as the teacher has even uploaded the letter in question to Reddit, allowing everyone to see the letter in full – and boy has the father gone into detail.

The letter has been prepared in true Elder Scrolls fashion, right down to the font type, the use of vocabulary and even sealing the letter with wax! The letter explains that while his family will be remembering the fallen heroes in the war (an obvious reference to Veteran’s Day), he goes on to say that he is actually talking about Skyrim, and when the gates of Oblivion opened in the previous game! Just so you know, Veteran’s Day this year takes place on the same day as Skyrim releases – 11.11.11.

We’ve included a full copy of the letter in question below so you can check it out for yourself – it’s pretty amazing stuff. It’s even more refreshing to see that judging by the teacher’s comments on Reddit, he seems to have taken the whole thing in good spirits, without getting into the nitty gritty politics of whether it is right or wrong for a father to pull his daugher out of school for a week.

Bethesda has now acknowledged the letter in question, as they left the following comment on their official Twitter account:

‘The best Skyrim-day excuse we’ve seen yet: (via the teacher that received it on Reddit”

There are some claims that this is the work of Bethesda’s marketing department, but we wouldn’t really care if it is – it is just fantastic whatever way you look at it. Have a read at the letter below in full and give us your thoughts on this. This video game excuse has to be one of the best in history surely? Do you think it is legit?

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  • Norokzin

    As a teacher if a student gave that to me, I would have to let them be excused, thats just a lot of awesomeness on a piece of paper.

  • Dragonfire

    Woohoo! Go That Girl’s Daddy! In the memory of the Champion!!

  • Let’s just clarify here for a minute, guest. Parents take their children out of class for a myriad of reasons – hunting trips, Jonas Brothers concerts, hockey games…you name it.  Did I tell the student that she could miss class?  No, I didn’t.  Will I be overly concerned if she just so happens to missing that day?  No, I won’t.

  • guest

    It’s legit, my friend wrote it to get his sister out of school as a joke. We live in a crappy little town that has its head shoved too far up its ass to care about stuff like veterans day, so I’m not surprised. I can’t believe it worked, but it did and she actually got out of school. So yes it is legit.

  • Ndchasowy

    It’s legit. I’m the teacher in question.

  • Guest

    Looks like a child wrote it for a laugh.

  • Xander winans

    By the nine, thou must be telling thy truth.

  • I’m not sure if I’d call him the coolest dad ever, or the most insane dad ever. The answer depends on if he’s just being silly for his daughter’s sake, or if he seriously takes TES THAT seriously.

  • Noctis171

    Coolest dad ever!!!