MW3 Multiplayer: Strike Packages and Killstreaks gameplay

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2011

If you are planning to pick up Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th, we have an unmissable video for you to watch now, which gives gamers a first look at the new strike packages that are available in game – Infinity Ward’s new take on the killstreak system.

In Modern Warfare 3, players will now have a new system to get used to, as strike packages will allow players to choose from three categories to select in game – support, assault or specialist-based strike packages.

In Modern Warfare 2, we just had killstreaks and deathstrikes awarding good and bad players of the game, but Modern Warfare 3 attempts to balance things out for all types of gamer, and you’ll find for example that the support strike package will reward players with killstreaks for getting assist kills, taking a certain flag in domination and so on. Furthermore, your support strike packge streaks will not reset when you die, meaning that you can still maintain your streak in-between deaths, but obviously the rewards for choosing a support strike package are more support orientated, compared to the assault and specialist strike packages for example.

The assault package will unlock killstreaks such as the predator missile, attack helicopters and the AC 130 gunship, while the support package will unlock things like the UAV, an advanced version of the UAV, a booby-trapped care package and stealth bomber. The specialist package seems the most interesting and desirable of the strike packages, as this will actually unlock perks as you kill enemies in a row. For example, two kills in a row on the specialist package will unlock one perk, another perk will be unlocked at 4 kills, with the maximum of 8 kills in a row giving you 15 perks at once! – Basically making you unstoppable in-game.

Once again, it looks like these strike packages alone are going to mix up gameplay and make things very interesting indeed compared to Modern Warfare 2. We have a feeling that the specialist package may be slightly overpowered though, giving the player 15 perks in-game – that is going to be a tough challenge to take them down in game you can imagine.

Check out the new gameplay video showcasing all of the abilities below. Afterwards, give us your thoughts on the new strike package system – do you like the changes or not?

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  • Dynasty2021

    So…nothing new again, really.


    15 perks at once? Jesus, talk about exploit. I put £5 on whiners complaining about the overpowered feature within a few days of release.

    • Fox Hound

      > Says nothing new
      > Complains about new feature

      Only on the internet.

  • i just notice how they show the player what they have on the side above the ammo. I didnt see the dpad. I like this way way better.