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Galaxy Nexus: Verizon US price could be $600-700 after UK reveal

After announcing the Galaxy Nexus to the world at the Ice Cream Sandwich event in Hong Kong, Google failed to announce what price the handset will come in at in the US, or which carrier/s the device will be landing on either. Thanks to a price listing for the UK, we now have an idea of how much the Galaxy Nexus will cost.

It has become standard practice now for websites to leak new smartphone pricing information before the official carrier, and this seems to have happened once again for UK consumers. A listing for the UK Galaxy Nexus is now available to view online at retailers Clove, as they have slapped a £514.80 price after VAT on the new device off-contract and unlocked.

Although this doesn’t always give a true reflection on the price differences, a straight up conversion into US dollars brings the price of the Galaxy Nexus to $678 when you take into consideration that US consumers won’t have to pay VAT on top. Given that the likes of the Nexus S debuted at $529.99, we’d say that a sub $700 price for the brand new Galaxy Nexus isn’t too far off from being a pretty accurate estimation.

On a two-year contract, the device is likely to enter at $299 on Verizon like all new 4G LTE handsets, but if you are planning to buy the device outright, this at least gives you an indication on how much it’s going to cost straight up. It’s important to note though that the $678 conversion refers to the 16GB model of the Galaxy Nexus only, so you may see prices differ between $600 and $700 off-contract for the 16GB and 32GB versions.

What are your thoughts on the pricing hints – would you be happy to pay $600 or $700 for the device off contract, or is it strictly contract only with Verizon for you? UK consumers are not going to be happy of course paying a staggering £500+ for the handset, but then again, UK consumers will be used to this kind of behaviour as it happens for all electronics products such as video games.



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