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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Tips on how to kill a dragon

Considering that we have had a ton of information leaks on Skyrim over the last few weeks, we haven’t heard too many further details on the dragons that will be featured in the game, thought to be some of the toughest beasts that you’ll have to deal with.

If you have been reading up on a few of the three-hour Skyrim previews that are now hitting gaming websites, you’ll be pleased to know that we came across one that directly speaks about dragons in the game, and the fact that they are not going to be enemies that you can take lightly.

In fact, the preview we have to show you even offers a few immediate tips on how to deal with the huge beasts the first time you encounter them in Skyrim, as the first thing you’ll probably do when you actually see one for the very first time is run – we probably will.

But if you fancy taking your chances against a dragon during the early stages of your Skyrim adventure, take note that you’ll need to have adequate firepower with you – i.e bare firsts is just not going to cut it.

Bowed attacks from range will work to an extent with the dragons, but unless you have some enchanted magic attached to your bows, it’s likely that the dragon will just fly over the top of you after a while and torch you to death.

The best method, as noted by Joystiq’s preview seems to be the old traditional method of blade and shield. After wearing the dragon down after a collection of ranged bow and magic attacks, you may want to head for cover in the nearest dungeon and replenish your health and stamina. Afterwards, save your game and just go all out on the dragon close up, with your trusted blade and shield. You’ll find that the dragon doesn’t move very well when you’re in its face and provided that you have worn down the dragon enough with your previous ranged attacks, you’ll see that the odds of being the victor in this battle are now shifting in your favor.

If you manage to take down the beast, you’ll be able to absorb its powers for your efforts and of course bask in the glory that you managed to take down a dragon so early on in the game.

How do you intend to handle the dragons in the game? Will you stick solely to bow attacks or will you follow the tips above and go straight in for close quarter combat? If you have any opinions on the werewolves debate in Skyrim, click here to join the discussion.



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