Batman Arkham City secrets: Kitana Mortal Kombat Easter Egg

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2011

It is common for a game to contain a few easter eggs as players have especially become used to seeing easter eggs thanks to the popular zombie mode contained in Call of Duty Black Ops. However, the following Batman Arkham City easter egg is a bit special, as it looks like Rocksteady has secretly paid tribute to Mortal Kombat in their game.

If you weren’t previously aware, Rocksteady and NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat developers) are both subsidiaries of Warner Bros, so when you think about it, it doesn’t seem too farfetched that one developer would compliment the other – we just didn’t think we would see a Mortal Kombat reference in a Batman game that’s all.

As discovered by DynamicGamer, it looks like Kitana has found her way into Arkahm City as one of the detainees of Arkham City. Her appearance definitely fits that of Kitana, although her costume appears to be just show a ‘darker’ shade of blue, to fit in with the overall styling of Arkham City, as opposed to Kitana’s much bolder blue attire that we have become used to seeing in MK.

Further clues that this is Kitana can be found in the description of the female prisoner by The Penguin, as you can hear him saying the words: “Now this little minx is a real puzzle. Where did she come from? How did she kill eight of my men before we managed to hold her down and beat her into unconsciousness!? All I know is… I like her pajamas.”

Considering that she has no name or identity, we’d say this is definitely a Mortal Kombat easter egg in the game, but the question that now enters our mind is ‘Will NetherRealm Studios return the compliment in Mortal Kombat 10‘? That would be pretty awesome if there were some sort of Batman elements featured in the follow-up to MK9 – Dare we even say it – Batman or Joker as a DLC character for MK10? Maybe we’re getting a little carried away here.

What are your thoughts on this easter egg, have you found it in-game yet? Check out the video below which shows Kitana in action.

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  • Brandon Corfman

    1) This is a member of Talia al Ghul’s elite guard. They are mentioned in the Arkham Stories section of the pause menu.
    2) Cameos don’t usually relate directly to a central role in main story missions
    3) Katana is also the name of a Batman-mythos character as well

  • Fijs

    Ok you can’t blame him it does look like katana. And you never know maybe it’s a universe where kitana joined the league of assassins and that actually is kitana

  • BIA Joker

    are you stupid? did you even finish the game?

  • LRN2Source

    This is a member of Talia’s Elite Guard you fool not Kitana. LEARN YOUR SOURCE MATERIAL The League of Assassins has been around longer than Mortal Kombat by years and years.

  • Anonymous

    Lady Shiva is a prominent martial artist figure in the Batman mythos.

    Since Talia is featured elsewhere in the game (as shown by various reviews, etc) this is most likely Shiva.

    • The Emperor

       It’s not Kitana, but it’s not Shiva either. Shiva’s older, and as far as I remember, not one for masking herself unless it’s for a big reason.

  • Curtzvuagh

    This site did jump the gun, but this is actually not Talia Al Ghul. It’s one of her ninja assisins. You put a bug on her to find the whereabouts of Ra’s and it’s shown later in the story.

  • Sipiony2

    My thought is you jumped the gun. It’s Ras Al Ghul’s daughter. Had you played the game for about an hour longer before posting this you would have known that.

    • Surfguard17

      My thought is, had you actually paid attention, it was just a random assassin from the League of Assassin’s that you trail to Talia. Had you played the game for about an hour and thirty seconds longer before posting this, you would have known that.

      • Anonymous

        Surfguard’s correct.  

        • Kingedhorn

          Lol! Yup in fact talia is later seen threatening this same ninja assassin for leading batman to her. It is definitely not kitana as there are many of her in the game. Both the site and master Sipiony are wrong. Never is t said that the assassins are Ras’s daughters.