Forza 4 best cars list

By Jamie Pert - Oct 19, 2011

Now that you have picked up your copy of Forza 4 you are probably wondering which cars to buy, well early on you won’t have much money to spend so we thought we would start out by helping you choose good, yet cheap cars, not only this but we will point you in the direction of some of the game’s best overall cars.

Early into your Forza 4 career you wont have many credits, so the last thing you want to do is waste your money on a car which struggles to keep up with the competition, if you have 10,000 credits you should check out the Acura RSX Type-S – it’s a great all-rounder. Soon you will begin to notice it is no match for the competition, obviously you could spend credits on upgrades, but we recommend going as far as you can to save up your credits, obviously this is our suggestion and by no means the ultimate strategy but we recommend saving 26K credits and then buying the BMW 2003 M5.

Soon into your career you will have enough credits to ensure that one poor purchase won’t ruin your career, so the best thing to do is buy something which suits your driving style and then upgrading it as your continue your journey, as usual there are lots of good basic models to start with, but we think that you will do well to better the TVR Tuscan S.

Once you consider yourself a Forza 4 pro, the credits will come in quicker than you can spend them, so what car should you save for? Well if you check out NowGamer you can see the game’s top 10 cars, apparently the Peugeot Matmut-Oreca 908 is the best in the game, but it will set you back a whopping 2.5 million credits.

We are by no means Forza 4 experts, so feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below. Let us know which cars you have had success with and which upgrades to buy.

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  • Timothy Grooms

    Check out the any of the nissan Gt-R skyline models of any year. You wont be disappointed. All wheel drive is the way to go. The subaru Wrx is a tight ride too.

  • Rodney

    You don’t have to buy any cars at all. First of all it gives you a few of your cars from Forza 3 and 57000 credits.  Even then every time you get to the next level they let you pick one out of about 5 or 6 cars. One more thing, if you drive a Ford (for example) and you keep that car and race in like 4 or 5 races eventually you will level up the car maker. Level one gives you 25% off all that car makers parts. Level 2 is 50%, 3 is 75% and once you have gotten to level 4 on ANY car maker they give you all the parts for that make for free. So you race a Fiesta and get it to level 4 then ALL FORD parts are free on every FORD. I think that is the best tip. I have reached level 21 and have reached level 4 on about 6 different makes and I haven’t spent any money except on tire and rim upgrades so far.  I love Mustangs but on this game the Camaro SS is far better.  I have a 2011 Shelby GT500 completely souped up with over 920 horses and the Camaro SS with 576 horses beats it. I mean both cars have all the suspension, transmission, tire, and downforce upgrades and the Camaro without all the horsepower upgrades is faster around the tracks.


    Dodge Superbee is very very good early in the game. It’ll go from zero to 120 in like 5 seconds as a C class. I’ve been beating B class cars to, even on the Fuji Kaido. Just don’t do any oval races because 120mph is about all you’ll get as a C class.