Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Werewolves debate – should feature be added?

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2011

It’s fair to say that the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is going to be one of the highlights of 2011 to look out for, along with MW3, BF3 and Uncharted 3 to name a few. Despite the new features that will be contained in the sequel to Oblivion, there seems to be a huge amount of disappointment over the fact that there will be no ‘werewolves’.

Perhaps we’re missing something, but since when did werewolves make up a key element of the gameplay? Elder Scrolls fans will know that players will be able to play the role of a vampire in Skyrim just like in Oblivion, but are we going over the top slightly in wanting werewolves in the game as well? Players of Morrowind will probably disagree though, as they may have had a taste of playing as a werewolf thanks to the Bloodmoon expansion.

Some recent comments from one of Bethesda’s Art Directors for the game have basically put these rumors to bed though, as he revealed that the team has no plans to include werewolves in the game at the moment. Here is his translated statement, when asked if werewolves would be in the game from day one, or as DLC, as taken from EverygamingNews:

“Maybe so, yes. We currently have no werewolves in the game, but it’s definitely something to think about. What we do in the game, are vampires. How progressive you will play the vampire, the more people will begin to attack you in cities. Also, the vampire also much weaker during the daylight.”

Playing as a werewolf would obviously be a nice addition for fans. Just like the vampire, you’ll get different abilities and skill powers as you become more and more infected by the disease. One skill would probably include added strength, and maybe other stat increases as well once you fully become a werewolf.

Here’s one example that we can think of playing as a werewolf: You’re suddenly getting outnumbered by bandits and you’re almost out of health. Suddenly the transformation takes shape and you turn into a part-werewolf, with your new strength and abilities taking out the bandits in a bloody mess. If werewolf abilities are confirmed in the game by Bethesda, perhaps it will be a one-day only ability, similar to the beserk skill that Orcs had in Oblivion.

It seems to us that Bethesda may add this feature in at a later date, but they want it to remain a secret for now. If you are getting Skyrim, let us know your thoughts on having werewolf abilities in the game. Do you support this feature or do you think vampirism enough in your opinion?

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  • Jez Lash

    Werewolves have been shown to be in the game, though initial information APPEARS to show that it’s linked to a specific item. We shall have to wait and see!

  • I really hope they do add Werewolves in!! I loved them in Bloodmoon and was hoping they would somehow add them into Skyrim!! Ahwell, at least I FINALLY get to fight Dragons!!!

  • SkyrimFan

    Werewolves are part of the lore, so it would only make sense to include them somehow. Vampires are overrated in my opinion. I’d be willing to bet that there will be some sort of DLC for werewolf fans.

  • annon

    Screw this article, I WANT WEREWOLVES!!!!

  • Jrweisne

    I feel that it would be an interesting mechanic, but it would need to be balanced with things like (as that guy up there said) weakness to silver, village mobs on wolf hunts, and nights of “black out” in which you would have no idea what your character was doing. It’s a brilliant move (from a marketing standpoint) to leave it in expansions and not main gameplay. Other than that, I just fell like the vampire/werewolf trend is getting pretty old and I’m just happy to see dragons.

  • The Doctor

    If they don’t add werewolves as DLC, I can imagine my time on Skyrim being significantly less…

  • Gogon2121

    No. Vampirism is not enough. Vampires in Oblivion sucked.

  • The thing is, fans have a hard time “losing” features. When you have were-beasts in Daggerfall and Morrowind, and then they’re gone from the universe in Oblivion, it feels wrong. It’s one of those things that just feels out of place and is hard to swallow. 

    Imagine if a Zelda game came out and there wasn’t a single bomb in it. Now, none of the puzzles are designed around it, they wouldn’t add a real significant amount of gameplay to the game, but people would go nuts if they weren’t in. It’s something gamers expect, because they’ve always been there. 

    Maybe this isn’t as big, but when there are Vampires (Which I find boring and tired) it makes me think that there NEEDS to be Werewolves (if not Werebears and Wereboars too!) just to have something different to try. The singularity of only have one type of “alternate” playstyle seems wrong this day and age. 

    I would imagine eventually Skyrim will have Vampires, Werewolves, and maybe even something else we haven’t thought of. Ghosts maybe? That’d be pretty cool.

  • Bodacious_loquacious

    My wife and I were disappointed with the whole “no werewolves” thing, and I am VERY hopeful that there will be werewolves in some dlc or expansion, but never-the-less, Bethesda’s employees have worked very hard on this game to make a great game for us, and most of the supposed “avid” fans are treating it like some stupid Mario 64 knock-off… Come on people, give credit where credit is due! This looks like it’s going to be an AMAZING game and we should really appreciate the amount of work and detail that this team has put into this! I for one LOVE elder scrolls and will enjoy this game to the utmost whether lycanthropy is introduced (or re-introduced, rather) or not. Keep doing what you’re doing Bethesda…. But also, werewolves would be awesome… That is all… No, you hang up…. No, you hang up… Okay, I’ll hang up…

  • Geoff

    Werewolves SHOULD be in Skyrim – that’s not a debate, it’s a fact stated in their own lore repeatedly. Solsheim (also known as mini-Skyrim) had werewolves, and this should too.

  • Ajores

    I’m not terribly troubled by the lack of werewolves. Tbh, I’d probably try it out once and never touch it again. But look, this is probably a great idea on Bethesda’s part, and I’ll tell you why, but first you gotta understand that the game was never about either vamps or werewolves to begin with. Sure, they’d fit, but this really isn’t about them at all, it’s just one of those things that’s cool enough to be allowed.

    Okay, so it makes total sense that werewolves could get their own featured DLC. Based on how Bethesda has liked to release DLC in the recent past (As in I don’t mean Horse Armor), that would mean several quests tailored just for werewolves. That’s probably better than them being released right now, because heaven forbid that they focus too much on finishing the game and not enough on expanding werewolf gameplay. We’ll see though, but I’m pretty hopeful that since it fits the lore and there’s definitely a demand for it, they’ll give it the attention that it’s due once they pressure of Skyrim’s release is behind them. 

  • Maxbox99

    Would be nice to turn werewolf at night or at full moon and have a strenght and endurance bonus.

  • tyler h good wood

    ive been looking forward to playing a werewolf and i have been coming to websites like this everyday for about 5 months now waiting for the confirmation that there WILL be, and this happens. its like wanting nothing more for xmas than a bike and getting a 5 inch toy model of one. vampires are overused and honestly a hassle. NO, i dont want to go creepin in on some sleeping guy and drain some of his lifeblood every few nights (and not even turning him into a vamp) and suffering a debuff if i dont, and not going outduring the day. I want to be able to transform once a week on the ingame full moon and go on a short rampage, a respite from the constant real lifeish gameplay ill be doing, in full wolf beast mode. maybe even provide a large backstory or quests along with the feature, so on and so forth. All i know is that werewolves would be more looked forward to by me than the continuation of vampires, and i dont realy care who disagrees with me.

    • Videoprogrammer

      Right on friend.  I also like it (sarcasm intended) when articles or forums such as this one act like either A) it’s only a “small number” of us who wanted werewolves in the game, and we’re a minority, and B)  We have no legitimate gripe now that we know they won’t be included.  A post above said it best – it’s analogous to releasing a Zelda game and not having bombs, or Street Fighter with no actual fighting – it detracts from the overall experience of would could have been a much better game . . . . . 

  • McGhostly

    Lycanthropy is very big in Skyrim, actually there should be more of a presence of werewolves than the vampires that are told lurk in Skyrim I would think. The correct clan of vampires in Skyrim have characteristics that are drastically different from the vampires in Cyrodiil. They had to use vamps from Cyrodiil because it was done before and the vampires in Skyrim would most likely cause gameplay problems under any open world engine due to some of their abilities. Werewolves on the other hand have also been done before and are actually a part of the lore of Skyrim. This is my only problem with Bethesda’s decision; nevertheless, I will buy, play and enjoy Skyrim for hundreds of hours.

  • Caeric Arclight

    Screw vampires. Everything has vampires. I want werewolves!

  • kyle

    im very very dissapointed with how these games have been turning out lately,  first dbz ut has no ss4 vegeta , now this  ?im sure skyrim will be a good game but still, bethesda  im not happy with u. why no werewolves n dont spit that Maybe bullsh** out your mouth like green baby diarrhea , how many people wanted to be wereolves ? tons and tons n tons, i was very disapointed with not being a werewolve in oblivion n i was disapointed that u couldnt turn other people in vampires. Listen to the fans and give us werewolve dlc in the future or no dlc at all, n im sue most elder scrolls fans would agree, but other than that im pleased with the rest. ill probley rate the game an A but i will never forgive you if u dont add werewolves, i wont……come on it ties in with the lore even.
    ! u have no excuse!!!!!

    • 123

      What garbage you utter.

  • Mark.V

    I have been after information about werewolves in Skyrim for ages now, I’m a little disappointed that they aren’t included. I think it would make an excellent addition to the game with there being side quests and maybe even the choice between vampires and werewolves at some stage. Needless to say I have my fingers crossed for werewolves to be in upcoming DLC.

  • Tjrules4ever

    Yes added strength and stuff, but i think silver should do extra damage on you.

  • Drummerguy9991

    werewolfs in skyrim would only feel natural, since the world is already full of mythical creatures such as the vampires and undead skeletons etc. with werewolfs in the game it would not only add to the already huge world but maybe some interesting side quests as well. it would make the game alot bigger then it already is.

    for the most part its totally up to bethesda if they want to add these features to the game.furthermore, if you think about it could add numerous quests such as werewolf infestation in a small town that you need to deal with for a reward.. or vampires and werewolfs clashing in a small battle and you need to pick a side..what it comes down to is werewolfs feel like they should be part of the game, after all this game is suppose to be the ultimate fantasy world right? so why not throw were wolfs in the mix.

    • Alan Ng

      Nice ideas

  • jmill

    In my opinion of course they should and probably are making werewolves part of Skyrim. Look at oblivion’s most popular mods and you will find Werewolves: Curse of Hericine as one of the top used gameplay mods. Bloodmoon’s main quest was significantly more popular then Morrowind’s main quest, and werewolves are frequently on the most asked for by players list.

    Bacicly if you don’t we will, so this is the last chance, minus expansion packs, for Bethesda to put them in how they want them.

  • Salmonsjosh

    yeah werewolves dammit i didnt wait 5 years  and 6 months so they wouldnt be in  a dlc or something i loved playing as one in bloodmoon just try not to make the wait for the dlc another 6 months

  • MrSuperAwesomCoolPants

    do werewolves!

  • Coolguy

    bring werewolfs bring the WEREWOLFS

  • Anonymous

    All of Alan Ng’s posts are either incredibly fail or quite successful trolls.