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Update warning, iOS 4.4.1 bricking Apple TV

The current firmware version for Apple TV is iOS 4.4, but just last night update 4.4.1 was made available. However, those thinking of updating are advised not to, as they have been bricking these small devices. This is not the case for all, but it’s still a worry. The new software was meant to fix a few bug issues, but now seems to have created an entire new one.

This is the first update since 4.4 was released just a few days ago, but it seems that Apple just rushed this one out to resolve a few issues. We cannot see how they were as bad as what is happening to Apple TV users now? If you have any issues then please let us know below.

A host of users now have to do a full restore, which is not ideal. However, there are a few cases where the restore has thrown up a few other issues, such as not working with iTunes 10.5 or syncing with certain computers. You will need to make certain that you update to the latest version of iTunes to rule out any such issues.

Some 9to5 Mac readers have been going ahead with the update to 4.4.1, as they do not believe that they will have any such issue, which is due to the fact that they never had any problems with the current version. There are those that will want to wait until Apple release a newer version of Apple TV, but we do not expect to see that until this time next year.



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