Still no HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread update – Final straw?

By Alan Ng - Oct 18, 2011

Remember the HTC Thunderbolt update to Android Gingerbread that was inexplicably pulled by HTC last month? Well, we have a small update to give you now, and that is assurance from HTC that the update is still on the way and meant to be dropping soon.

After previously informing you that the update was live at the end of September, HTC then pulled the update completely at the start of October, citing a major problem with Verizon’s stock voicemail service as the main reason behind the update removal.

This was seen as further frustration for Thunderbolt users, given the fact that many do not even use Verizon’s stock voicemail service anyway, with most choosing to use an alternate service such as Google Voice.

The latest stage of the update process though, is that it is meant to be coming soon, as HTC has delivered the following message on their Twitter account, as reported from Droid-Life:

‘@Cbreezy_Brown VZW & HTC anticipate the update being available soon. You will be notified directly on your device when it is ready.”

As usual though, there is no solid release date unfortunately, as HTC has again opted against giving consumers a definite date, even though the update has been delayed several times. It’s stressful situation for all parties as you can imagine, especially when you consider that handsets will soon be releasing with Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Droid Incredible hasn’t had an update to Gingerbread either, so at least Thunderbolt owners are not the only ones being shunted by Verizon and HTC. Is this the final straw for Thunderbolt owners with regards to the way you view HTC as a company? Perhaps you are not bothered in the slightest about this and are more concerned about the upcoming Galaxy Nexus reveal. Let us know what you feeling right now.

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  • Guest

    I’ll never buy another HTC device.  iphone 4s here we come.  At least Apple supports their products and since iOS only runs on one hardware platform, bugs are quickly fixed and OTA’d out to users.  Maybe more control=greater stability in the end.

  • Tonyc9177

    In September, I did get the Gingerbread update. Really haven’t had any problems until recently: my email settings were changed and I didn’t get my email for days. And, just yesterday the phone called itself!! Yes, I have it in my history list—my own phone number in the calls from list. How’s that possible?

  • Bryan

    Your article is wrong, partially. The Incredible does have the Gingerbread update; however, it is full of issues. My wife’s phone updated with this update and it caused certain features to stop working. Due to the issues with the update with the Incredible 1, they upgraded her phone to the Incredible 2 at no additional charge and with no contract changes.

  • L Grieshober

    I find this delay quite irritating, but unless the update prevents my Thunderbolt from constantly dropping service, it probably won’t change much for me. I have not seen anything to this effect in the update details that I have read… Has anyone else?

    • Lindy

      I was told by the guy at our VZW store that the update would fix these issues. I don’t understand why they don’t have to live up to their end of the bargain though and provide phones that work/replace ones that do not. I am very frustrated with the connection issues on this device.