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PS3 firmware v3.73: Update looks to be problem free

The last update for the PlayStation 3 was back on September 20, 2011. However, that was just a minor update, but so is PS3 firmware v3.73. The previous had a few issues from the start, but it looks as though this latest version is problem free – well for now anyway. We did not even know that the firmware upgrade was out; it was only when a few readers turned on their machines that they were made aware.

Update version 3.73 is non-mandatory, which means that you do not have to update in order to carry on playing with your console. However, we would advise you to do so, as the stability of your PlayStation 3 is said to be greatly improved. Don’t expect any new features, as even Sony felt that it did not warrant an announcement.

We now wonder if Sony will begin to do this on a regular basis and only announce the updates that make significant changes? We will begin to have a play around just to see if any changes have been made, but we do not expect to report much.

Gamers will now be rushing back home from work to turn on their PS3 consoles to see what new things Sony have given them this time, but just remember that this 186MB is just to improve stability and nothing else. Having spent just under an hour on our console we can report that this update is an anti-climax, no wonder there was no mention of it.



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