Missing Battlefield 3 console features, PC minimum specs concerns

By Alan Ng - Oct 18, 2011

We have further gossip on the never-ending debate on console vs PC graphics for Battlefield 3 to tell you about now, and perhaps this is the most conclusive yet. A member of DICE’s development team for the upcoming shooter has stated that the console graphics for BF3 is equivalent to the PC version running the lowest settings.

Johan Andersson is the Rendering Architect at DICE and he recently gave a speech at the NVIDIA GeForce LAN 6 conference. During his keynote, he revealed a chart which the level of quality in terms of graphics that PC gamers will be getting with Battlefield 3, depending on what type of hardware they have and the best possible results achievable.

Here is a screenshot showing the chart, provided to us by MP1ST:

As you can see, that the PC version of the game with the lowest settings selected with have ‘lots of stuff disabled, similar to consoles’. If you are picking up the Xbox 360 or PS3 version of the game, that statement alone is hardly reassuring, especially with a lot of criticism already aimed at DICE following on from the level of graphics seen in the console beta.

Having said that, the game doesn’t look terrible at all on console and if you’re a neutral looking in on the debate, it is no secret that the PC version of the game will have the best visuals from all three platforms – DICE’s chart above confirms that. PC gamers looking for the ultimate settings will have to have a machine capable of running multiple GPUS, to achieve a solid 60fps in-game.

Meanwhile, those of you looking to play on PC with high settings, or what DICE call ‘intended settings’ will need at least a Geforce 560 TI processor or higher. We’re guessing that some of you will not have this so you’ll have to find out if your current card can run the game – just don’t expect 60fps as you won’t get it.

Firstly, what are your thoughts on Johan’s comments about the console version having ‘lots of stuff disabled’ – is this a worry for you? For PC gamers, are you now getting concerned that your system will not be able to run Battlefield 3 on your current processor? Feel free to list your current setup so other readers can provide some insight on whether you’ll be able to run the game or not.

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  • Gor Grgiorian

    Hey guys i want to upgrade my pc, buying the phenom ii x4 955 8 gigs of ddr3 ram and a zotiac gtx 550 ti, can i play on high and get good fps?

  • Cookie

    What you think guys/gals, will the rig below run Battlefield 3?

    Windows 7 64Bit
    AMD Athlon 64×2 (Dual Core) 6000+3000mhz
    3Gb Ram
    Ati Radeon HD 5450 2Gb DDR3
    500Gb HD

    Low settings maybe?

  • Dynasty2021

    Well, judging by the beta and I cant stress that enough, the requirements, as usual anyway, are subjective and therefore generally just a guideline.

    And consoles?  Well its about time you lot suffered instead of the PC with a shoddy port.

    My specs for example:

    MSI GX740 Laptop
    Intel i5 m430 @ 2.6ghz (or the 450qm or something, cant check as Im at work)
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1gb DDR5 (DX11)
    4GB DDR3 @ 1333hz
    640GB HD @ 5400rpm

    High settings (well, I had Ultra selected but Ultra wasnt available on the beta, so no changes were visible on screen, and no fps change with fraps on, which lowers fps a bit), 2xAF and no AA.

    Before the ATI drivers for the beta were released, at high settings I was getting 35fps outside in full battles, and 55fps in the subways.

    After the drivers, I was getting 39fps outside and 62fps inside.

    So a £600 laptop can run BF3 on high settings at a very, very playable 35-60fps. 

    There’s too many variables in place to say these are requirements for maximum settings.  Does the owner of the PC have their AA set to application control?  Do they have their control centre set to quality graphics setting or performance?  Do they have the latest drivers?

    So no, it doesnt worry me at all.  And I will point and laugh hysterically every time I see a console owner playing BF3.

    • Gazzygui

      I have the same laptop, And it was very hit and miss laptop ran better than a pc with i5 750 and a GTX 560