Apple iPhone 5 specs could include quad-core A6 processor

By Alan Ng - Oct 18, 2011

We have some interesting rumors to share with you now, related to Apple’s infamous iPhone 5 – the device that consumers expected to see at Apple’s recent iPhone event, but saw the iPhone 4S smartphone unveiled instead.

If you are clued up on Apple’s internal components for their iPhone devices, you’ll know that rivals Samsung play a big part in supplying some of the parts, most notably the Apple A4 processor which powered the iPhone 4, and now the dual-core A5 chip which powers both the iPad 2 and the new iPhone 4S.

A report published by the Korea Times has revealed that despite Samsung’s ongoing legal battle with Apple to ban each company’s products from going on sale, Samsung will once again be supplying Apple with a new processor for their next iPhone.

Now that we have had the iPhone 4S, the next device in line is expected to be the iPhone 5, and the report over at Korea Times claims that this processor will be a mouth-watering quad-core A6 processor, and that Samsung still remains a crucial partner in Apple’s business plan. It looks like the legal issues will be sorted one way or another, but it’s good news that any outcomes will not affect the development of Apple’s next iPhone.

A supporting report over at BGR also hints that the iPhone 5 will be equipped with a 4-inch 960 x 640-pixel OLED display. Consumers have been waiting for a 4-inch iPhone for a long time now, so it will be seen as a huge breakthrough if the iPhone 5 is finally the device to support a bigger screen. The iPhone 4S in comparison comes with a 3.5 inch LED backlit, LCD retina display, so imagine the prospect of the iPhone 5 rocking a state of the art OLED screen – we can’t wait until next year.

How excited would you be if the iPhone 5 ran on a quad-core processor? However, the news may also leave a slightly bitter taste in the mouth for consumers who have just forked out on an iPhone 4S. Will you buy the iPhone 5 with these specs as well?

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  • dang… my 3GS is halfway to the grave and I need a new one. 

  • LMAO! You tie my shoes together preventing me from running and I’ll thank you by giving you a boost…You honestly believe Samsung will supply Apple after the huge lawsuits?!?! One thing FOR SURE is if they do its because they got something better under their sleeves.

    Long live Android! Apple days are numbered…

  • Gudestboy Girish

    me not buying 4s,,,,waiting for ip5 🙂

  • Richard

    Fanboys will buy anything, again and again and again.  They don’t care that they will have to fork out again in 12 months time.