Anger over Modern Warfare 3 engine criticism, has ‘porsche’ quality

A lot has been said in the last few months about the fact that Modern Warfare 3 still utilizes the same game engine as Modern Warfare 2. Naturally, the developers are going to go on the defensive on the negative claims, and we have some comments to share with you from the boss of Sledgehammer Games.

If you didn’t know already, Sledgehammer Games has co-developed the multiplayer portion of the game, alongside series veterans Infinity Ward and also newcomers to the franchise, Raven Software who have assisted in developing some DLC for the game as well as aspects of the user interface.

In a recent interview with CVG though, the general manager of Sledgehammer Games Glen Schofield has responded to criticism of the engine used in the upcoming game, by saying that the engine is actually a ‘porsche’ – as described in his comments below:

“I’ve worked on a lot of engines over my lifetime and spent a lot of time putting graphics in to them and this thing is a Porsche. And what I mean by that is that it is stream-lined, everything in it is perfectly freaking clean. You can tell it’s been worked on for years. It’s easy to upgrade.”

There was also an element of anger in his defence of the engine too, as he blasted critics who label the Modern Warfare 3 engine a ‘cut and paste job’:

”If you put Modern Warfare 2 next to Modern Warfare 3 you would see a huge difference. Look at all the character models, look at all the gun models, look at the reflections, look at the water. There is so much that we’ve added, so when someone says ‘cut and paste’, I don’t even want to talk to them because they don’t know. They just don’t know. They have no idea.”

Regardless of how you feel about Modern Warfare 3, the game is definitely looking very impressive on the visuals side of things, and although we’re yet to check out multiplayer mode, we’ve played the co-op mode survival and gameplay is looking very smooth indeed with constant reminders from the developers that MW3 will be locked in at 60FPS on console.

Schofield obviously likes to refer to his game engines as car models, but what do you think about it? Is the Modern Warfare 3 engine really a cut and paste job in your opinion or not?



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