UK Price war for Batman: Arkham City, best prices

For those of you in the U.S. you would have already discovered who has the cheapest price for Batman: Arkham City, which will be released tomorrow. However, for those in the UK, you still have up until the 21st of October to find the best deals. Well, we are happy to see that a price war has begun, which we have seen time and again for big game launches.

These online stores or supermarkets know just how tight things are for most of us, which is why they try their best to give us a great deal on such games. However, do not be fooled, the likes of Asda and Sainsbury’s just want you in their stores to try and entice you to spend a little extra. When you go to where they have these games on show, you can be sure that they will have other items surrounding them.

Geeks Have Landed have found five great deals for you, so it will be up to you which one you take up. The first is Grainger Games, and it will cost just £34.99. Game offers a trade-in for Forza 4 or Gears of War 3, if you take them up on this deal then you can get Batman: Arkham City, for just £4.99.

GameStation has two versions of the game, standard and the Robin edition; prices for these are £37.99 and £42.99 respectively. As for Sainsbury’s and Asda, they will be offering the new batman game for £37.99 and £34.97. It seems that the latter is the better deal all round, as not only are they cheaper, they will also be offing a DLC for a Year One Costume. Asda also had the best deal for FIFA 12 as well.

Have you found anywhere cheaper, if so please let us know?



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