Skyrim with optimized PC graphics could look like this

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2011

It’s safe to say that Skyrim is already easily one of the best looking RPG games ever, with the PC version of the game set to reap the benefits the most in terms of overall graphics prowess. However, one video we have to show you could give an example of what Skyrim may look like with maxed out settings and killer PC hardware.

Skyrim is due out on November 11th on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and we’re guessing that considering we only have a few weeks to go until release, the game is now 100% finished on all three platforms and ready to hit shops for a global launch around the world.

A fairly old video is now doing the rounds in anticipation for the game, and it shows some Oblivion-esque gameplay from Crysis, maxed out with optimal settings, complete with an infamous Oblivion soundtrack for added emphasis. The graphics shown here are nothing short of mindblowing and it does give an insight into a possible reality of having Skyrim playable on PC with these type of graphics.

As we mentioned above, the game is already looking stunning, but imagine Skyrim cranked up even further with the highest settings on a high-end PC. The result you see in the Crysis video below as reported from Ripten, was achieved using a mod known as Extreme Quality Mod – a mod which is freely available to download online now for those who are interested.

If you are planning to get the PC version of the game, you are probably drooling in the mouth over such graphics capabilities available with the help of a few mods. Of course, this won’t be available in the console versions of the game, but then again – PS3 and Xbox 360 owners definitely shouldn’t complain since Skyrim still looks amazing on console as well.

Watch the beautiful video below and then let us know if you think this will be possible on Skyrim with the right tools. Do you own a PC which is capable of this level of performance or not?

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  • It’ll never look like that because it’s a console port, bah

  • Darvakiin

    I was convinced it was real until I saw those horrible hands, and skyrim won’t look photo-realistic, thats retarded.

  • James Rosenbaum

    As I’ve actually READ the article, I’ll happily answer the writer’s questions at the end 😛

    I think that the creation engine will probably do things a bit differently. Skyrim isn’t exactly photo-realistic as is, but with a few photo-realistic texture mods, maybe a lighting mod (don’t know if that will be necessary) Skyrim could get that much realer. That’d be very cool, but don’t know if my computer can handle it! My current build should be able to play Skyrim just fine, with lotsa pretties, but we’ll see after it’s released!

    And for those that read the title, it does say “could look like this.” That’s COULD, not does, or will 😛 Don’t get your panties in a twist!

    • Alan Ng

      Thanks for the comments James, I think you’re right about the potential of Skyrim based on that Crysis video.. it’s almost inevitable that we’ll get some crazy mods which will make the game look even better! Considering you have a system that can play Skyrim alone, it must be a pretty decent unit… I’ll be settling for the console version I think, as I doubt I will get much time to play.

      Now If you’ll excuse me, I’m just about to get fired. 🙂

  • Bob

    Exactly, you can’t compare. The cry engine is stupid, this is a very misleading article! LAME. Fire this loser.

    • jesus

      Learn to read dickhead, the title isn’t misleading.

  • Doldrmaster

    this is made with the cry engine you moron….

    • Jasonturoff