iPhone 4S Speed test: Is Sprint really slowest compared to AT&T, Verizon?

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2011

If you are still deciding on whether to pick up Apple’s recently released iPhone 4S in the US, we have a fresh video to share with you now, which gives a indication on the type of speeds available between the three iPhone 4S US carriers – AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

The iPhone 4S is now available to buy in the US on all three US carriers, although stock is probably running pretty low at the moment as all three carriers report excellent initial launch sales for the devices.

As for the speed comparison though, a video has been made courtesy of the iDownloadBlog, who have tested three iPhone 4S models running on Sprint, Verizon and AT&T networks. A variety of tests are performed on each network, with the two key factors being a simple web browsing speed test, and then also a look at how fast the handset reacts to a speedtest analysis using the mobile app.

On the web browsing speed test, it looks as if Verizon came out on top, with AT&T a close second behind Big Red. However, websites appeared to load significantly slower when testing the Sprint iPhone 4S, although it’s important to note that this may be dependant on which area you are utilizing the carrier’s 3G network in.

Another test was performed using the speedtest mobile app, and on this occasion, the results seemed to favor AT&T, as the app produced a ping of 117ms, a download speed of 0.65Mbps and an upload speed of 0.67Mbps upload speed. In comparison, Verizon managed 95ms, 0.26Mbps and 0.87Mbps, while Sprint achieved a 108ms, 0.16Mbps and 0.34Mbps score.

Is this an indication that the Sprint iPhone 4S suffers from the fact that consumers have to make do with a 3G network as opposed to Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network which all their other smartphones support, or is it simply a case of being in a low speed area?

If you have your iPhone 4S at hand now, give us an indication on the type of speeds you are getting with the speedtest mobile app in your area. Have you produced better results than the ones seen above?

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  • Jordan

    AT&T in Indianapolis i’m getting 3.83 Mbps down/1.08 Mbps up and 87 ms ping as my slowest test… fastest is 6.26 Mbps down/1.10 Mbps up and 77 ms ping.

  • bb

    I use AT&T with my iPhone 4 and just did a speed test and got the following: 3.31 Mbps down/0.71 Mbps up with a ping of 134. Pretty decent!

  • Alex

    I’ve got iPhone 4S on Sprint, and speed is really spotty. At the best, I can get 400 Kbps, but usually it’s more like 100 Kbps, and it’s often in the range of 50 Kbps. Sprint support replies with baloney like “natural and man-made physical barriers”, but I know for a fact that these “barriers” are not stopping Verizon signal. So sad Sprint can’t really make it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using the AT&T version this weekend on my travels in Southern California.  Average speeds when doing speed tests have been 4-9 Mbps download.  Totally impressive.  

    I didn’t get the Verizon or Sprint version since their EVDO network peaks at 3.1 Mbps and doesn’t support simultaneous voice and data like the AT&T version does.  

    Can’t wait till next year when AT&T gets an LTE version of the new iPhone in hopefully a much sleeker, slimmer package with revamped styling and better specs.  

  • Jess

    I am on Sprint and this does not supprise me one bit, I been living it for 2 yrs Iphone 4s owners will be returning their Iphones in mass numbers.

    • Willie

      I have a sprint ip4s and my speeds are good!!! In in Chicago and I’m very satisfied with my phone and service. Only thing I’m getting use to is coming from years as years of android phones since it hit the Phone market to now owning an iPhone. I luv da battery life and smooth iOS experience and no force closes!!!! #thankgod