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iOS 5 Secrets: How to update Twitter status using Siri

As good as Siri is, many consumers had hoped that Siri would be able to update your Twitter status as well, just by speaking into the mic and giving Siri the command. Apple currently doesn’t allow this officially, but we’ve discovered a guide online which does confirm that it is possible to get this working.

The process isn’t exactly straight forward, but it will allow you to update Twitter statuses using your voice only, which is obviously extremely convenient when you don’t have time to type or feel like saying something spontaneously.

A guide we’ve found over at the BufferApp Blog shows you exactly what to do in order to get this working, and as long as you follow the steps accordingly, you’ll be giving Twitter commands to Siri in no time.

So here goes, as according to their guide: Step 1) – Connecting your phone number with Twitter – you’ll need to make sure that Twitter is set up with your iPhone 4S. You can do this by going to Twitter and selecting the mobile tab on the right hand side of your profile page.

2) The Twitter code – Once you’ve done all that and entered your mobile number in the box provided, you’ll receive a code from Twitter which you’ll need to make a note of. This code is a number which you’ll now need to add as a contact on your iPhone. You can name this contact ‘Twitter’ or something associated with Twitter if this doesn’t work.

3) Getting Siri to work with Twitter – Now that you’ve set up the Twitter code as a contact on your iPhone, all you need to tell Siri to do is ‘Text ‘Twitter’ (or whatever you called the contact) followed by your status update that you desire. That’s it!

Provided you have followed the steps above, everything should work fine, and you’ll see that Siri has now sent an update to your Twitter account based on your instruction. It’s a very cool feature to have, one which you will probably now use as your number one tool for updating Twitter.

Let us know if it worked for you, or if you followed a similar guide and are already using Siri to update your Twitter status. We’ve also heard reports from some of you that the same process applies to update your Facebook account too – can anyone confirm this?



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